Championing Projects – Leading Lawyers Making an Impact in Germany

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Projects have become a vital aspect of the legal landscape in Germany, and the expertise of lawyers plays a significant role in driving successful ventures. In this showcase, we highlight some of the most prominent lawyers in the projects industry, whose contributions have shaped the nation’s infrastructural growth and renewable energy initiatives.

Marc Riede – CMS

Marc Riede is appreciated for his broad offering in the projects world, advising on the refinancing of offshore wind farms as well as handling the full cycle of PPP motorway projects. He has made a remarkable impact in Germany’s projects industry.

Beda Wortmann – Clifford Chance

Frankfurt-based Beda Wortmann is revered for his long-standing expertise in the German projects world, often advising on the procurement and financing of PPP motorway projects across Germany. His deep understanding of the sector has contributed to successful projects.

Dirk Trautmann – Norton Rose Fulbright

Dirk Trautmann is trusted by banks, infrastructure funds, and energy companies for his expertise in handling the financing and investment in renewable energy projects across Germany and beyond. His profound knowledge has paved the way for sustainable projects.

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Sven Fretthold – Watson Farley & Williams LLP

Sven Fretthold is a well-known name in the German market, often advising lenders on the financing of international offshore wind farm projects. His insights and guidance have been instrumental in the success of various offshore projects.

Daniel Reichert-Facilides – Chatham Partners

Daniel Reichert-Facilides remains a trusted adviser due to his long-standing expertise in the financing and refinancing of airport concessions and wind farm participations. His guidance has contributed to the development of successful projects.

Florian Mahler – Clifford Chance

Florian Mahler rises in the rankings due to strong feedback from market observers. He is appreciated for his strength in handling the financing of domestic and international renewable energy projects, often acting for financial institutions and energy providers.

Michael Schäfer – Chatham Partners

Michael Schäfer is in high demand by bidding consortia for his strength in large-scale and often nationwide motorway projects. His expertise in PPP deals has made him a sought-after lawyer in the projects industry.

Florian Degenhardt – White & Case LLP

Florian Degenhardt rises to the top ranking due to his strong presence in the market. He is widely appreciated for his breadth of expertise in large-scale and often cross-border financings of renewable energy projects. His clientele includes well-known banks and consortia.

Christian Knütel – Hogan Lovells International LLP

Christian Knütel is appreciated for his prowess in handling the financing of energy projects across Europe and beyond, with a particular strength in wind farm endeavors. His expertise has contributed to the successful implementation of numerous projects.

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Stefan Kilgus – Watson Farley & Williams LLP

Hamburg-based practitioner Stefan Kilgus is appreciated for his experience in the financing of large-scale offshore wind farm constructions. His in-depth knowledge of the industry and regulatory landscape has been instrumental in navigating complex financing structures and ensuring the successful development of offshore wind projects.

Christof Häfner – Clifford Chance

Due to strong feedback from market observers, Christof Häfner enters the rankings. He is particularly visible in the financing and refinancing of renewable energy projects and also assists with digital infrastructure mandates. His expertise has been invaluable in driving sustainable and technologically advanced projects.

Kerstin Block – CMS

Kerstin Block enters the rankings due to her growing role in infrastructure project financings. She often acts for banking consortiums as well as project developers, with particular strength in the renewable energy world. Her dedication to promoting sustainable projects has made a significant impact.

Carla Luh – Hogan Lovells International LLP

Carla Luh operates across her firm’s Hamburg and Frankfurt offices and is a strong choice for financial investors as well as corporates for the financing of renewable energy and digital infrastructure projects across Germany and beyond. Her expertise in securing funding for innovative projects has been instrumental in their success.

Riko Vanezis – Watson Farley & Williams

Frankfurt-based Riko Vanezis is appreciated for his expertise in handling the financing of large-scale infrastructure and energy projects across Europe and Africa. His knowledge and strategic guidance have played a crucial role in the successful execution of complex projects.

These lawyers have consistently demonstrated their exceptional skills and dedication in the projects industry in Germany. Through their expertise, they have contributed to the advancement of sustainable infrastructure, renewable energy initiatives, and the overall growth of the projects landscape. Their profound understanding of the legal complexities and business dynamics involved in projects has made them invaluable assets to their clients and the industry as a whole.

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