Top 10 Pioneering Greek Tax Lawyers Transforming the Industry in 2023

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Greece is home to a host of renowned Tax law experts who work tirelessly to navigate the complex world of Greek and international tax legislation. These high calibre lawyers assist in deciphering puzzling tax incentives, aid in resolving inheritance tax issues, and represent clients in taxation disputes of all magnitudes. From corporations grappling with transfer pricing to individuals dealing with income tax, Greece’s finest legal minds are making waves in the business world.

Greek legal services thrive on a combination of local expertise and international exposure, promising exceptional standard and achievement. The Greek Tax Law market includes numerous literate and proficient professionals who stand out for their unique capabilities, style of work, and individual accomplishments.

Here, we present a highlight marking out some of the standout Tax Lawyers in Greece that are making notable contributions to the legal profession. We begin with a collection of some revered names in Greece’s tax law field that are a source of inspiration for upcoming legal professionals and stand as a testament to the quality of Greek’s legal pedigree.

John Photopoulos

Firm: Photopoulos & Associates

Description: John Photopoulos stands as a stalwart figure in tax issues, utilizing his longstanding expertise to handle even the most convoluted of cases.

Theodoros Skouzos

Firm: Iason Skouzos TaxLaw

Description: Theodoros Skouzos offers insight into Greek tax incentives, including the non-domicile regime, and provides solutions for inheritance tax issues.

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Efstathios Bakalis

Firm: Koimtzoglou-Bakalis-Venieris-Leventis & Associates Law Partnership (Member of Deloitte Greece)

Description: Efstathios Bakalis, recognized as an esteemed attorney, exhibits commendable performance, especially on contentious mandates involving indirect tax issues.

Alex Karopoulos

Firm: Zepos & Yannopoulos

Description: Alex Karopoulos, revered for his knowledge in VAT and stamp duty matters, regularly takes up tax disputes, having experience representing clients before the Supreme Court.

Panagiotis Pothos

Firm: Kyriakides Georgopoulos Law Firm

Description: Panagiotis Pothos, as the head of the firm’s tax department, undertakes various contentious and non-contentious tasks regarding transfer pricing matters, indirect tax issues, and corporate income tax.

Eleftherios Rantos

Firm: Dryllerakis & Associates

Description: Eleftherios Rantos, highly respected for his dexterity, actively participates in both contentious and non-contentious scenarios related to corporate income tax and transfer pricing.

Aspasia Malliou


Description: Aspasia Malliou, heading the firm’s tax department, is seen as an exemplary lawyer with superb understanding of tax law, ranging from disputes, audits to corporate restructuring.

Ioannis F Stavropoulos

Firm: Stavropoulos & Partners

Description: Ioannis Stavropoulos offers expert, concise advice on contentious tax law matters, including transfer pricing issues, income tax assessments, and VAT refunds.

Petros Pantazopoulos

Firm: Fortsakis, Diakopoulos, Mylonogiannis & Associates

Description: Petros Pantazopoulos, the department head, breaks into the top tier based on acclaim from market commentators, coupled with significant experience handling transfer pricing, income tax treatment, and stamp duty issues.

Fotodotis Malamas

Firm: Bernitsas Law

Description: Fotodotis Malamas is known for his finesse in handling income tax, customs and VAT issues, in addition to a depth of understanding in inheritance tax law compliance topics.

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In conclusion, these trailblazers exemplify the Greek legal field’s high caliber by navigating complex tax issues with expertise, negotiation, and precision. A fascinating blend of experience and innovation, Greece’s legal professionals stand ready to guide their clients through the intricate network of tax laws.

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