Discover the Top 10 Intellectual Property Law Influencers in Guatemala

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Today, Guatemala has rapidly become a central location for businesses looking to protect their intellectual property within Central America. The nation’s legal landscape has evolved over the years to protect and support IP rights, facilitated by a growing community of dedicated intellectual property lawyers. This article recognizes the contributions of a select group of lawyers who have proven their expertise and dedication in the field of Intellectual Property law in Guatemala. Each of these lawyers has received significant acclaim from their peers and clients, reflecting their knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to their clients’ interests.

Legal practice in Guatemala’s intellectual property sector is a highly specialized field, requiring practitioners to have an in-depth understanding of national and international legal principals, technological advancements, and current trends. The lawyers highlighted in this article have demonstrated these qualifications abundantly. By leveraging their specialized knowledge and skills required to navigate the intricacies of IP law, they have effectively safeguarded their clients’ intellectual assets.

The following ranks include a mix of ‘associate-to-watch’ lawyers, up-and-coming partners, and department heads, each having a significant impact on the IP law sector in Guatemala. Clicking on the firm’s website will provide more comprehensive details about each lawyer’s expertise and their law firms’ services.

Paula Passarelli

Paula Passarelli works at Palomo Abogados and has been recognized by clients and peers for her knowledge and professionalism in the intellectual property field. She is regarded as an associate-to-watch, having accrued considerable respect in her practice.

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Pamela López

Up-and-coming partner and department co-head Pamela López, working at BLP, has garnered attention in the Guatemalan IP sector. She provides expert advice diligently and her knowledge provides clients with a sense of security.

Hugo Rivas Gálvez

Hugo Rivas Gálvez, associate-to-watch at Mayora & Mayora, S.C. is known for his proactive approach and awareness of trends in the Guatemalan IP sector. His insights have made him a valued asset in the field.

Hania Kruck

Department co-head at A.D. Sosa & Soto, Hania Kruck is a well-versed IP lawyer. Known for her accurate and timely advice, she is a prominent figure in Guatemalan IP practice.

Ivón Hernández

Associate-to-watch and co-head of department Ivón Hernández, at Arias, is hailed as astute and accurate in her work, representing clients in diverse IP matters.

Ninoshka Urrutia

Partner and department head Ninoshka Urrutia, at Consortium Legal is considered one of the best lawyers in IP matters in Guatemala, always ready to diligently serve her clients.

Ernesto José Viteri Arriola

At Viteri & Viteri, managing partner and department co-head Ernesto José Viteri Arriola is distinguished for his work in complex litigation and anti-counterfeiting within the Guatemalan intellectual property sector.

Guillermo López Davis

Partner and department head Guillermo López Davis, at BUFELCO, is known for his strong understanding of legal implications of doing business in Central America, safeguarding his clients’ interests with his IP expertise.

Karina Calderón

Karina Calderón leads the IP department at LEGALSA, commended for her client-centric approach and expertise in the field.

Analucía Carrillo Marroquín

Partner at Carrillo IP, Analucía Carrillo Marroquín is recognized for her extensive knowledge and experience, remaining continuously active and esteemed in the Guatemalan legal market.

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In summary, these lawyers are shaping the intellectual property sector in Guatemala, standing at the forefront of the field due to their wealth of knowledge, innovative approach and dedication. We sincerely hope this article helps you understand who they are and why their contribution to intellectual property law in Guatemala is significant and noteworthy.

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