Top 10 Northern Ireland’s Influential Restructuring/Insolvency Specialists Explained: An In-depth Analysis

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When it comes to navigating the complex world of business restructuring and insolvency, Northern Ireland boasts a pool of highly experienced and skilled lawyers. These legal professionals specialize in providing expert advice and assistance to clients dealing with financial distress, insolvency proceedings, and debt recovery. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting restructuring/insolvency lawyers in Northern Ireland.

The following lawyers have established themselves as leaders in their field, assisting clients in various industries and sectors:

John Kearns – Mills Selig

Firm Website

John Kearns, a restructuring/insolvency lawyer at Mills Selig, excels in handling the sale of assets in insolvency cases and pre-pack administrations. Alongside this expertise, he also provides valuable advice on appointing administrators, helping clients navigate complex legal proceedings. With a deep understanding of the industry, Kearns assists clients in protecting their interests and achieving desirable outcomes.

Maria McNally – Cleaver Fulton Rankin

Firm Website

Maria McNally, a lawyer at Cleaver Fulton Rankin, specializes in debt recovery, mortgage repossession, and insolvency matters. McNally’s knowledge and experience enable her to guide clients through the intricacies of personal bankruptcy cases and provide effective solutions. Her commitment to helping clients overcome financial challenges makes her a trusted advisor in the field of restructuring and insolvency.

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Sam Corbett – A&L Goodbody

Firm Website

Sam Corbett, a prominent lawyer at A&L Goodbody, is renowned for his expertise in contentious insolvency and high-value financial services-related litigation. Corbett’s strategic approach and attention to detail ensure that clients receive the highest level of representation, whether dealing with complex insolvency disputes or litigation matters. His comprehensive knowledge and dedication make him a valuable asset in any restructuring or insolvency case.

Toby McMurray – Tughans

Firm Website

Toby McMurray leads the insolvency team at Tughans, providing essential guidance to appointed administrators and directors on contentious and non-contentious insolvency matters. With a focus on security enforcements, commercial leases, and pre-pack sales, McMurray ensures that clients are well-informed and equipped to make informed decisions. His expertise in all aspects of insolvency makes him an invaluable resource for businesses facing financial challenges.

Jeanette Donohoe – Cleaver Fulton Rankin

Firm Website

Jeanette Donohoe, head of the dispute resolution and insolvency and business restructuring departments at Cleaver Fulton Rankin, is highly experienced in advising appointed administrators on debt recovery. Additionally, she provides assistance and guidance on leveraged buyouts and liquidations, offering comprehensive solutions to clients facing financial difficulties. Donohoe’s expertise and commitment are key factors in her success in the field.

Jason Byrne – TLT NI LLP

Firm Website

Jason Byrne, the head of the restructuring and insolvency team at TLT NI LLP in Belfast, represents a diverse client base, including banks, insolvency practitioners, and private individuals. His extensive experience allows him to handle a wide range of insolvency matters, offering tailored solutions to address each client’s unique needs. Byrne’s reputation as a reliable and capable lawyer ensures that clients receive expert guidance throughout the restructuring process.

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Richard Craig – Mills Selig

Firm Website

As the head of the restructuring and insolvency department at Mills Selig, Richard Craig has established himself as a leading figure in contentious insolvency matters. He advises clients regarding administrations and personal bankruptcies, leveraging his expertise to protect their interests. Craig’s dedication, knowledge, and track record of success make him a sought-after lawyer in the field.

Kieran McGarrigle – McGarrigle Legal

Firm Website: None

Kieran McGarrigle, a recognized expert in high-value commercial acquisition financing matters, offers valuable insights to clients in the social housing, healthcare, and retail sectors. Although McGarrigle Legal does not have a website, his reputation precedes him in the field of restructuring and insolvency. With his diverse experience, McGarrigle is adept at navigating complex financial challenges and providing effective solutions to clients.

Michael Neill – A&L Goodbody

Firm Website

Michael Neill is a highly skilled commercial litigator with expertise in restructuring and insolvency litigation, as well as shareholder disputes. His deep understanding of complex legal issues enables him to guide clients through challenging situations, ensuring their interests are protected. Neill’s dedication to providing exceptional client service positions him as a trusted advisor in the field.

Caitriona Morgan – TLT NI LLP

Firm Website

Caitriona Morgan, a lawyer at TLT NI LLP, specializes in assisting local and national insolvency practitioners and trustees in bankruptcy. Her expertise spans both contentious and non-contentious mandates, including bankruptcy orders and liquidations. Morgan’s commitment to achieving favorable outcomes for her clients makes her a valued contributor in the field of restructuring and insolvency.

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