Top 10 Most Influential Dispute Resolution Arbitrators in Portugal 2023

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Portugal is home to numerous renowned lawyers specializing in arbitration, a facet of dispute resolution that has become increasingly sought after. These legal professionals, known for their expertise in the arbitration field, have built reputations as reliable, knowledgeable arbitrators who are frequently in demand, both on a national and international scale. This article highlights some of the most sought-after arbitrators operating in Portugal at present.

Arbitration, an alternative to courtroom litigation, has seen significant growth in popularity and practice within Portugal’s legal circles. This form of dispute resolution provides an often more efficient, confidential, and relationship-preserving way to settle commercial and personal disputes, hence its appeal to many organizations and individuals.

The lawyers described in this article have been instrumental in putting Portuguese arbitration on the global map. Well-respected and highly experienced, they are often called upon for national and international disputes. Below is an overview of each of these widely recognized practitioners.

Pedro Metello de Nápoles

Based in PLMJ [1], Pedro Metello de Nápoles has a rich background in arbitration. Besides acting as an arbitrator in commercial arbitration, he frequently advises clients on compensation claims and breach of contract agreements and serves as chairman in arbitration proceedings.

Paula Costa Silva

Employed by Universidade de Lisboa [2], Paula Costa Silva is known for her profound knowledge and experience in ICC arbitrations. She is enthusiastically recommended by her peers and clients alike.

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Fernando Ferreira Pinto

A partner at Ferreira Pinto Cardigos [3], Fernando Ferreira Pinto has extensive expertise in commercial litigations. In addition to representing clients, he acts as an arbitrator and chair in arbitration proceedings.

Rui Pinto Duarte

Rui Pinto Duarte, hailing from CS’Associados, is respected in the arbitration field for his tremendous experience in handling ICC arbitrations. He effectively supports his firm’s activity on civil litigation, including payment compensation claims.

António Menezes Cordeiro

With his affiliation to Universidade de Lisboa [4], António Menezes Cordeiro has earned great respect as an arbitrator. His wealth of experience further solidifies his reputation in the industry.

Armindo Ribeiro Mendes

Armindo Ribeiro Mendes of DLA Piper ABBC[5] is a highly regarded figure in arbitration. He often serves as chairman or co-arbitrator on international and domestic arbitration tribunals.

José Miguel Júdice

José Miguel Júdice [6] is recognized as a highly prominent figure in the field of arbitration. He receives widespread praise from different market sources.

Paulo Mota Pinto

Paulo Mota Pinto, a member of the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra faculty, is extremely well-regarded for his work in arbitration. He frequently acts as an arbitrator and president in ICC arbitrations.

Rui Medeiros

Serving at Sérvulo & Associados [7], Rui Medeiros is a recognized arbitrator. He is often appointed a co-arbitrator or chair in public law cases, including tax arbitrations, and represents clients in commercial cases, particularly those relating to the pharmaceutical sector’s IP disputes.

Antonio Pinto Monteiro

Antonio Pinto Monteiro, an esteemed professor at the Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra, is often trusted to preside over arbitrations. His excellent reputation in the field is well-known among market commentators.

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To conclude, these are some of the most in-demand arbitrators hailing from Portugal right now. Their wealth of knowledge, experience, and professional expertise makes them indispensable assets in the burgeoning field of arbitration both in their nation and on the global stage.

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