Top 10 Most Influential Regulatory Energy Lawyers in the Netherlands

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In the Netherlands, the field of energy and natural resources regulation plays a significant role in ensuring the effective and sustainable management of these crucial sectors. Lawyers specializing in this area provide legal guidance and support to clients, both domestically and internationally, navigating the complex regulatory landscape. This article shines a spotlight on some of the leading Energy & Natural Resources: Regulatory lawyers in the Netherlands, highlighting their expertise and contributions to the industry.

Roland de Vlam – Loyens & Loeff

Roland de Vlam is a lawyer at Loyens & Loeff, where he advises clients on regulatory and transactional matters related to the energy and natural resources sector. With a strong focus on utility companies and energy suppliers, Roland brings vast experience and expertise in navigating the complexities of the regulatory environment. For more information about Roland de Vlam and Loyens & Loeff, please visit their website.

Sander Simonetti – HabrakenRutten Advocaten

Sander Simonetti is a prominent lawyer at HabrakenRutten Advocaten who specializes in key regulatory matters pertaining to the energy and natural resources sector. His expertise includes issues related to access to utilities, discussions with energy regulators, and the development of renewable energy projects. To learn more about Sander Simonetti and HabrakenRutten Advocaten, please visit their website.

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Jan Erik Janssen – Stek

Jan Erik Janssen, an esteemed lawyer at Stek, stands out for his extensive knowledge of regulatory matters in the energy and natural resources industry. He provides valuable advice on both contentious and non-contentious issues, with a particular focus on tariff regulations and energy transport capacity. For more information about Jan Erik Janssen and Stek, please visit their website.

Marc van Beuge – Houthoff

Marc van Beuge, a lawyer at Houthoff, brings a wealth of expertise to the table when it comes to regulatory matters in the energy and natural resources sector. His extensive practice covers various areas including carbon capture projects, recycling, and energy distribution questions. He serves clients from both the petrochemical and renewable energy industries. To learn more about Marc van Beuge and Houthoff, please visit their website.

Marjolein Dieperink – AKD

Marjolein Dieperink, an accomplished lawyer at AKD, possesses a broad scope of knowledge in energy-related legal matters. Her areas of expertise include solar projects, network operation, and district heating grids. For more information about Marjolein Dieperink and AKD, please visit their website.

Iman Brinkman – Pels Rijcken

Iman Brinkman, working at Pels Rijcken, is known for her wide-ranging expertise in regulatory issues of the energy and natural resources sector. She handles administrative proceedings and offers advisory services relating to heat projects and other regulatory matters. To learn more about Iman Brinkman and Pels Rijcken, please visit their website.

Michelle de Rijke – Van der Feltz advocaten

Michelle de Rijke, a dedicated lawyer at Van der Feltz advocaten, is widely recognized for her expertise in regulatory practices. She represents clients in disputes before regulatory bodies and administrative courts, and also advises on matters related to collective heating. For more information about Michelle de Rijke and Van der Feltz advocaten, please visit their website.

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Léone Klapwijk – Van Doorne

Léone Klapwijk, an exceptional lawyer at Van Doorne, enjoys strong market recognition for her expertise in regulatory issues pertaining to district heating and hydrogen. She provides valuable advice to both state entities and private clients. To learn more about Léone Klapwijk and Van Doorne, please visit their website.

Max Oosterhuis – Loyens & Loeff

Max Oosterhuis, a seasoned lawyer at Loyens & Loeff, boasts extensive experience in energy-related legal matters. He advises both private and public sector clients on their involvement in energy projects and disputes. For more information about Max Oosterhuis and Loyens & Loeff, please visit their website.

Martin het Lam – Het Lam Advocaten

Martin het Lam, a renowned lawyer at Het Lam Advocaten, has a strong track record of representing consumers and trade bodies against energy companies. His expertise lies in regulatory matters in the energy and natural resources sector. To learn more about Martin het Lam and Het Lam Advocaten, please visit their website.

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