Unveiling the Top POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture Lawyers in the UK

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In an era where financial crimes pose significant threats to businesses and economies, the role of POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) Work & Asset Forfeiture lawyers has become increasingly crucial. These legal professionals specialize in protecting clients from money laundering, fraud, and other related offenses. In this article, we shine a spotlight on some of the most remarkable lawyers in the UK who are dedicated to safeguarding businesses and individuals against the perils of financial crime.

Neil Swift – Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

Neil Swift stands out as a formidable defender of clients accused of money laundering and handles related restraint orders and forfeiture proceedings. His expertise extends to assisting clients in navigating dealings with the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Neil Swift is also highly sought after for his advice on cross-border issues.

Jonathan Grimes – Kingsley Napley LLP

Jonathan Grimes brings notable experience in contesting freezing orders and advising on cases with international elements. His representation extends to individuals and corporate clients, making him a sought-after legal expert in the field of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture.

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John Binns – BCL Solicitors LLP

John Binns is a highly experienced lawyer specializing in POCA work, with a particular focus on cross-border matters. His wide-ranging practice encompasses advisory services on money laundering and Unexplained Wealth Orders (UWOs).

Andrew P Katzen – Hickman & Rose

Andrew P Katzen, head of the professional discipline team at Hickman & Rose, provides guidance to professionals, including doctors, accountants, and lawyers, on serious disciplinary matters involving allegations of fraud and misconduct. He is well-versed in the intricacies of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture.

Lucy Edwards – Kingsley Napley LLP

Lucy Edwards possesses specialist expertise in advising insolvency practitioners on POCA matters and is highly regarded for her assistance with confiscation orders. Her knowledge and experience make her an invaluable asset in the field of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture.

Helen Lynch – Blackfords LLP

Helen Lynch is a legal professional with considerable expertise in the POCA space. She is renowned for her involvement in leading cases involving civil recovery, conspiracy to supply drugs, and related POCA proceedings. Helen Lynch’s insights and guidance are highly sought after in the industry.

Nadia Ryman – MK Law

Nadia Ryman of MK Law is well respected for her handling of confiscation proceedings related to fraud cases. With broad experience in both domestic and cross-border matters, she is a trusted advocate in the field of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture.

Phil Salvesen – Kingsley Napley LLP

Phil Salvesen is dedicated to building his practice in POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture. He advises clients on criminal investigations, money laundering offenses, and account freezing orders. His commitment to his clients and deep understanding of financial crime make him a reliable legal expert.

Maria Cronin – Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

Maria Cronin is rapidly emerging as a go-to lawyer for POCA matters, particularly those arising from corruption, conspiracy, and money laundering investigations. Her expertise and insights in the field of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture are highly regarded.

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Pat Wilson – Bark&co

Pat Wilson of Bark&co is noted for her advisory services to clients on matters involving money laundering, fraud, and tax fraud. She specializes in assisting individuals facing post-conviction confiscation orders, providing valuable support and guidance throughout the process.

Alun Milford – Kingsley Napley LLP

Alun Milford, former General Counsel at the Serious Fraud Office, brings extensive expertise in the field of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture. He regularly advises on SFO investigations, fraud-related matters, and account freezing orders, ensuring his clients receive comprehensive legal support.

Paul O’Donnell – Imran Khan & Partners

Paul O’Donnell of Imran Khan & Partners specializes in POCA work, regularly representing high-net-worth individuals in cross-border matters. His proficiency in handling confiscation proceedings and enforcement matters makes him a sought-after legal expert.

Anna Bradshaw – Peters & Peters Solicitors LLP

Anna Bradshaw is highly respected in the POCA space and is recognized as an expert in anti-money laundering. She is also commended for her specialist knowledge of economic sanctions, providing clients with comprehensive guidance and representation.

Brian Swan – Stokoe Partnership

Brian Swan advises clients on POCA matters as part of his wider criminal defense practice. He is recognized for his work on confiscation proceedings, offering strategic advice and representation to individuals facing financial crime allegations.

Amjid Jabbar – Stokoe Partnership Solicitors

Amjid Jabbar has notable experience in restraint proceedings and unexplained wealth orders. His expertise extends to handling cases involving cross-border issues, making him a valuable asset in the field of POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture.

Lauren Bowkett – Shoosmiths LLP

Lauren Bowkett frequently represents defendants in confiscation proceedings, specializing in cross-border matters involving hidden assets. Her attention to detail and strategic approach ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.

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James O’Hara – Imran Khan & Partners incorporating Christian Khan

James O’Hara is an experienced solicitor adept at handling high-profile and cross-border POCA cases. He offers expertise in asset forfeiture, confiscation, and enforcement proceedings, providing robust representation for his clients.

Colette Kelly – Ince

Colette Kelly’s wide-ranging practice involves advising clients on money laundering, corruption, and fraud matters. She is highly regarded for her strategic approach and ability to handle complex POCA cases with skill and precision.


These outstanding lawyers play a vital role in safeguarding businesses and individuals from the threats posed by financial crime. Their expertise in POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture, coupled with their dedication to providing comprehensive legal support, makes them trusted advocates in the fight against money laundering, fraud, and related offenses. By engaging the services of these legal experts, businesses and individuals can navigate the complex landscape of financial crime with confidence and security.

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