Top 10 Most Influential Real Estate Lawyers Shaping Finland’s Property Market

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Many elements can influence a successful path in the real estate sector. However, having a gifted, well-informed, and diligent real estate lawyer is often the most beneficial. In this article, we will present you with the top real estate lawyers from Finland. These individuals have set an extraordinary benchmark in the realm of real estate law with their profound knowledge and experience, and are redefining the dynamics of transactions in this industry.

Finland, known for its robust market and development in the real estate sector, draws the attention of various international investors. Having a proficient legal advisor on your side assures you understand the legal complexities involved in all real estate transactions. These lawyers not only guide through potential legal hurdles but also provide valuable advice in decision making. The vast array of experience these Finnish lawyers bring to the table is impressive, encompassing residential, office, retail, mixed-use properties, as well as construction projects. They cater to a diverse client base including asset managers, investment funds, insurance companies, and various other individuals and enterprises involved in real estate.

Here, we present an array of Finnish lawyers and their respective law firms, who, with their expertise and knowledge, are reshaping the landscape of real estate in Finland.

Matti Lajunen – Hannes Snellman

Matti Lajunen of Hannes Snellman has made an essential contribution to real estate law as a rising star. Frequently advising real estate funds on property and portfolio transactions, Matti brings in a wealth of experience in commercial and residential assets, from offices to industrial buildings and even hospitals.

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Tapio Teräkivi – Hannes Snellman

Exhibiting extensive interactions with investment funds and managers on property and portfolio transactions, Tapio Teräkivi also comes from Hannes Snellman. His experience extends to a broad gamut of real estate deals, including residential, office, retail, and mixed-use properties.

Antti Kaakkola – Castrén & Snellman

Antti Kaakkola, of Castrén & Snellman, specializes in commercial and residential building transactions along with construction projects. Catering to asset managers, investment funds, and insurance companies, Antti is known for his consultation prowess in various real estate transactions.

Jani Ylä-Autio – Merilampi Attorneys Ltd

Jani Ylä-Autio, from Merilampi Attorneys Ltd, is recognized for advising on high-value property and portfolio transactions. Not only does he have a broad range of asset knowledge, but he also possesses particular experience in residential and retail buildings.

Leif Laitinen – HPP Attorneys Ltd

Leif Laitinen, from HPP Attorneys Ltd, has entered the rankings as an emerging practitioner following significant market recognition. Leif advises on real estate transactions, including funds, asset managers, and investors, especially in the acquisition of shares in housing companies.

Tommi Elo – Merilampi Attorneys Ltd

Tommi Elo, of Merilampi Attorneys Ltd, is noted for handling various real estate transactions, including the buying and selling of land, portfolio deals, and sale and leaseback mandates. You can reach out to Tommi via their website.

Henrikki Tahkokallio – Avance Attorneys

Henrikki Tahkokallio is a well-esteemed real estate lawyer known at Avance Attorneys. His extensive practice includes establishing joint ventures for development projects and build-to-suit investments.

Samuli Palin – Aleksandra Attorneys

Samuli Palin, a highly prominent lawyer, has an impressive track record advising on large-scale acquisitions and divestments of real estate properties and portfolios. His experience extends to office, retail, logistics, and healthcare asset types.

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Rami Laatsalo – Aleksandra Attorneys

Rami Laatsalo caters to a variety of international clients on real estate transactions involving retail assets, residential properties, and office buildings. He also assists with the acquisition of development projects.

Jari Tuomala – HPP Attorneys Ltd

Jari Tuomala, of HPP Attorneys Ltd, is a highly respected lawyer known for his frequent advisories on transactions involving commercial properties. Jari has a considerable experience in the buying and selling of leaseholds, making him an ideal choice for property-owning companies.

In conclusion, the mentioned lawyers, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, are setting new thresholds in the field of real estate law in Finland. They are doubtlessly making a significant impact on this sector, contributing to a more transparent, efficient, and effective landscape.

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