Top 10 Most Influential Labor & Employment Lawyers in Louisiana, 2023

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As businesses from various sectors in Louisiana navigate their way through modern day employment intricacies, they are guided by a group of experienced, skilled, and dedicated labor and employment attorneys. These lawyers offer robust and specialized legal services that touch on a diverse range of areas from harassment, wrongful termination, trade secret protection and wage hour claims to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). A good number of these lawyers have risen to the top, distinguishing themselves with innovative, effective, and highly regarded practice levels. This article highlights these remarkable labor and employment attorneys in Louisiana.

The Louisiana legal landscape is filled with dedicated professionals who are committed to providing much needed legal support to both employers and employees. But amongst the number, a select group stands out due to their extensive experience and consistent results. These lawyers handle complex cases and keep abreast with legislative changes in an ever-evolving field. This means their clients receive holistic and updated advice, whether for litigation or an advisory capacity.

It’s therefore not surprising that these top-notch lawyers come from distinguished Louisiana law firms. Whether they specialize in offering legal advice to educational institutions, handling employment litigations, whistle-blowing issues or trade secret violations, clients can rest assured they are getting top-tier services. What’s more, some attorneys even carve out a niche, serving specific industries such as healthcare and retail sectors thus offering specialized counsel in intricate cases. Below are some of these outstanding attorneys.

Amelia Williams Koch

At Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC, Amelia Williams Koch offers a well-regarded employment litigation practice. She has extensive experience handling federal court wage and hour cases and conducting internal investigations. Koch’s skills and knowledge have made her an important figure in labor and employment law in Louisiana.

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Julie Livaudais

Julie Livaudais is an employment litigator at Chaffe McCall, LLP. Her portfolio includes handling claims of harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination. Additionally, Livaudais is recognized for her strong representation of educational institutions. Her professionalism and extensive knowledge of the legal landscape are highly regarded.

Thomas McGoey II

As part of the team at Liskow, Thomas McGoey II stands out for his extensive practice that covers trade secret disputes, whistle-blowing, FLSA, and claims of harassment. Committed to providing top-tier service, McGoey is praised for his swift response times and quality advice.

Eric Miller

Eric Miller, fromThe Kullman Firm PLC, covers the full scope of labor and employment law. He frequently represents management in discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour matters while also being adept at advisory on union issues.

E Fredrick Preis Jr

Fredrick Preis is a renowned lawyer who represents both public and private clients in litigation matters. His practice expertise spans from handling all types of discrimination cases to sexual harassment, unequal pay and bullying. He’s an integral part of Louisiana’s legal community, despite not stating an official firm website.

Jennifer Kogos

Over at Jones Walker LLP, Jennifer Kogos regularly counsels on a wide range of labor and employment mandates including FLSA issues. Often serving clients from the healthcare and retail sectors, Kogos has been noted for managing complex litigation and general advice matters with sophistication.

Nicole A. Eichberger

Nicole Eichberger, despite not having a firm website, is a formidable figure in Louisiana’s labor and employment law scene. She regularly defends household names in employment disputes, such as class action litigation and single-plaintiff action. Her expertise extends to discrimination, harassment and retaliation cases.

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Christine Keenan

At The Kullman Firm PLC, Christine Keenan showcases a broad labor and employment law practice spanning from discrimination and harassment matters to wage and hour and non-compete cases. Her balance of legal knowledge and practical expertise sets her apart.

Brooke Duncan III

Brooke Duncan III, of Adams and Reese LLP, provides advice to his employer clients on a wide variety of labor and employment law matters. From harassment to discrimination and wage and hour law, including union issues, Duncan provides a holistic legal service.

Samuel Zurik III

Samuel Zurik III from The Kullman Firm PLC concentrates on representing employers in labor and employment litigation. Skilled in handling trade secret and discrimination disputes as well as FLSA matters, Zurik effectively represents clients before various courts and administrative bodies.

In summary, Louisiana is privileged to have a pool of distinguished labor and employment lawyers. These professionals use their legal proficiency, industry experience, and commitment to client service to represent and counsel clients through complex legal landscapes. It is their skill, dedication, and work ethic that makes them some of the most sought-after lawyers in Louisiana and beyond.

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