Top 10 Influential East Anglia Clinical Negligence Lawyers: Claimant Focus

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Clinical negligence, in which a patient sues his or her healthcare professional due to harm brought about by their negligence, is a serious issue in the United Kingdom. Often, this negligence leads to severe outcomes, such as mental health-related matters, catastrophic injuries, or even inability to diagnose severe health conditions. A well-regarded network of claimant lawyers serves in East Anglia, which contributes to the widespread recognition the region holds in this specific area of law. This article will spotlight several prominent claimant attorneys in East Anglia, their career highlights, and individual experiences.

The lawyers specified within this write-up focus on representing victims of clinical negligence; they bring justice to those who have suffered due to healthcare professionals’ negligence. East Anglia, a geographical area in the eastern part of England, boasts a plethora of accomplished legal professionals specializing in clinical negligence. Each of the lawyers discussed in this article has made a significant contribution to their field, earning them a place in this compilation.

It’s noteworthy that these claimant lawyers have a variety of areas they specialize in, ranging from birth injury cases to delayed diagnosis and failures in treatment. Their collective wealth of knowledge and experience makes them some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. Without further delay, let’s delve into the personal accomplishments and career highlights of these lawyers.

Yasmin Ameer

Working for Nockolds Solicitors, Yasmin Ameer is an experienced lawyer who advises on Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) resulting in catastrophic injuries, often representing pedestrians, cyclists, and passengers. Additionally, she is skilled in tackling medical negligence claims.

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David Gabell

David Gabell, associated with Fosters Solicitors, regularly aids claimants with cases involving surgical negligence and obstetric injuries, as well as mental health-related matters.

Gurpreet Lalli

Leading legal professional Gurpreet Lalli advises on cases associated with delayed cauda equina and cancer diagnosis. In addition, she is adept at handling birth injury and amputation mandates. She’s associated with Irwin Mitchell.

Craig Knightley

Working for Tees Law, Craig Knightley is experienced in handling birth injury cases and claims resulting from a failure to diagnose and treat severe conditions.

Ben Ward

Ben Ward, a lawyer associated with Ashtons Legal, is known for representing claimants in matters concerning brain and birth injuries.

Sandra Patton

Sandra Patton, based at the Norwich branch of Ashtons Legal, is renowned for her skilful management of complex cases involving obstetric and catastrophic injuries.

Sarah Wealleans

Sarah Wealleans, a legal expert at Irwin Mitchell, regularly assists claimants with obstetric matters. She also has experience with birth and brain injury cases resulting from negligent care.

Vicki Seabrook

Vicki Seabrook from Tees Law is a well-known figure in the clinical negligence field and handles brain injury matters with extensive experience.

Sara Westwood

Sara Westwood, from Hatch Brenner, based in Norwich, is recognized for her tact and experience in dealing with delayed diagnosis, birth injury, and neglected treatment cases.

Sharon Allison

Sharon Allison, based in Bury St Edmunds, is the head of the medical negligence department at Ashtons Legal. She has experience in delayed diagnosis and cerebral palsy cases, with a special focus on claims involving mental health issues.

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