Top 10 Most Influential Employment Lawyers Reshaping Estonia’s Legal Landscape

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Welcome to an overview of some of the most interesting and reputable employment lawyers in Estonia. This article showcases their expertise, experience, and the firms they work for. These professionals are highly regarded in the industry, providing valuable advice and assistance to both domestic and international clients.

Whether you are a business owner, employee, or an individual seeking legal guidance in employment matters, these lawyers have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the intricacies of Estonian labor law. Read on to learn more about each lawyer and the firms they represent.

Disclaimer: The following list includes all the featured employment lawyers in Estonia but does not rank them in any particular order.

Karina Paatsi – COBALT

Karina Paatsi is the head of department at COBALT, a renowned law firm in Estonia. With a top-ranking reputation in the country, her expertise in employment law is highly regarded. Karina advises both domestic and international clients, providing comprehensive guidance in various employment matters.

Visit Karina Paatsi’s Firm Website

Pirkko-Liis Harkmaa – Sorainen

Pirkko-Liis Harkmaa is a legal expert at Sorainen, another reputable law firm in Estonia. Her practice focuses on advising clients on contract-related issues and employee transfers in cross-border transactions. Pirkko-Liis is experienced in assisting international clients with the Estonian aspects of their business transactions.

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Visit Pirkko-Liis Harkmaa’s Firm Website

Hanna Pahk – Ellex Raidla

Hanna Pahk is a senior associate at Ellex Raidla, a prominent law firm in Estonia. Her specialization lies in employment law, where she handles a range of matters such as contract review, termination cases, and employee transfers. Hanna provides expert advice and guidance to clients in need of employment-related assistance.

Visit Hanna Pahk’s Firm Website

Triinu Hiob – NJORD Law Firm

Triinu Hiob is highly regarded for her expertise and advisory work related to employment issues. Although her firm, NJORD Law Firm, does not have a website, Triinu’s reputation speaks for itself. Her clients appreciate her knowledge and guidance in navigating the complexities of employment law in Estonia.

Visit NJORD Law Firm’s Website

Tambet Toomela – Eversheds Sutherland Ots & Co

Tambet Toomela brings extensive experience to employment law matters, including complex disputes. As a practitioner at Eversheds Sutherland Ots & Co, Tambet has earned recognition for his expertise in advising clients on various employment issues. His commitment to resolving disputes and providing effective solutions makes him an excellent choice for clients seeking legal assistance.

Visit Tambet Toomela’s Firm Website

Karin Madisson – Sorainen

Karin Madisson is the co-head of the employment department at Sorainen. With a broad array of expertise, she provides general advice and handles contentious employment matters. Clients in need of comprehensive employment law services appreciate Karin’s guidance and legal representation.

Visit Karin Madisson’s Firm Website

Anu Kirss – TGS Baltic

Anu Kirss, the head of the employment department at TGS Baltic, specializes in contentious employment matters. Her experience and expertise in handling legal disputes make her a valuable asset for clients seeking representation in employment-related cases.

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Visit Anu Kirss’s Firm Website

Rando Maisvee – Advokaadibüroo MOSS Legal

Rando Maisvee, a top-ranked employment lawyer at Advokaadibüroo MOSS Legal, regularly assists blue-chip clients with advisory and litigious employment matters. His knowledge and experience in the field make him a go-to lawyer for clients in search of expert legal advice.

Visit Rando Maisvee’s Firm Website

Katrin Sarap – NJORD Law Firm

Katrin Sarap, the head of the employment department at NJORD Law Firm, handles both advisory and contentious employment matters. Katrin’s substantial experience in sectors such as automotive and education sets her apart as a knowledgeable and dedicated lawyer.

Visit NJORD Law Firm’s Website

Toomas Taube – WALLESS

Toomas Taube is a recognized expert in handling a wide range of employment matters. As a respected practitioner at WALLESS, he delivers comprehensive legal advice and representation to clients in need of employment-related assistance.

Visit Toomas Taube Firm’s Website

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