Top 10 Influential Lawyers Driving Finland’s Thriving Capital Markets Sector

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Capital markets are a barometer of the economic health of a country, providing avenues for businesses to raise funds and for investors to invest their savings. In Finland, the capital markets are enhanced through a host of seasoned legal experts who specialize in this area of law. The lawyers we take a closer look at in this article are the leading practitioners in the sphere of capital markets, having earned their stripes from years of handling diverse and intricate aspects of this industry. Renowned for their extensive knowledge and experience on a variety of capital market’s tasks, these lawyers offer a major resource to potential clients in the capital markets industry.

These lawyers have a stronghold in the Finnish market due to their ability to manage a broad array of obligations across various aspects of the capital markets. Their skill sets range from Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), bond and note issuances, to handling complex cross-border transactions. Their reputation is further cemented by high profile clientele seeking their advice on private placements, share issuances, listings – as well as regulatory topics pertaining to the capital markets.

Furthermore, their international qualifications and familiarity with the global market place them in an advantageous position to advise on cross-border transactions and mandates. With their combined expertise, therefore, these lawyers provide a prolific and comprehensive service to their clients in the field of capital markets. They do it with a level of professionalism and quality that supports the development of Finland’s capital markets and underlines their position as top capital markets lawyers in the country.

1. Petri Avikainen

Working for Roschier, Petri Avikainen possesses a commendable strength in bond and note issuances, as well as rights offerings. With his impressive skills, Avikainen stands out particularly in advising on cross-border transactions.

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2. Laura Huomo

Highly acclaimed expert Laura Huomo of Bird & Bird is in high demand for her pearls of wisdom on IPOs, note issuances, along with debt-related transactions.

3. Janne Lauha

New inductee to this prestigious list is Janne Lauha, from Castrén & Snellman. Lauha advises on a broad variety of capital market mandates – from EMTN and note programs to listing changes and share issuances, demonstrating his experience notably in regulatory topics related.

4. Merja Kivelä

Another star at Castrén & Snellman is Merja Kivelä, who boasts extensive knowledge in capital markets, specialising in rights issuances, IPOs, accelerated bookbuilding, and EMTN programme updates.

5. Mikko Hulkko

One of the industry front-runners, Mikko Hulkko of White & Case, consistently delivers on an array of complex capital market tasks. With a focus on green bonds, rights offerings, and IPOs, Hulkko stands out for his adeptness in engaging large GMTN programmes, enabled by his dual qualification in Finland and the USA.

6. Mårten Knuts

Regularly advising on listings, private placements and share issuances, Mårten Knuts continues to make a difference at Krogerus.

7. Klaus Ilmonen

At Hannes Snellman, Klaus Ilmonen leaves a mark with his expertise in rights offerings and listings. Ilmonen serves both corporate firms and state entities, showcasing his adept cross-border mandate handling.

8. Sonja Siggberg

Sonja Siggberg, also from Hannes Snellman, handles a variety of capital markets transactions. These include accelerated bookbuilding and note issuances, as well as M&A projects including public tender offers.

9. Robin Nordblad

Regularly seen taking care of equity and debt capital markets transactions, Robin Nordblad from Avance Attorneys is also known for his work on public cash offerings.

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10. Juha Koponen

Commanding attention with his expertise on large IPOs, high-yield and green bonds, and note issuances, Juha Koponen of Borenius stays relevant with his dual qualifications in Finland and the USA, making him a top choice for cross-border cases.

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