Top 10 Masterminds of Dispute Resolution Law in Lebanon, 2023 Unveiled

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Lebanon has gifted the legal world with some tremendous talents, particularly in the field of dispute resolution. The landscape is vibrant and diverse, brimming with experienced and committed individuals who have dedicated their careers to the duties of the profession. From litigation to arbitration, capital markets to finance, these individuals bring their profound expertise and understanding of the laws to resolve disputes in the best interest of their clients. This deliberation will seek to introduce you to ten esteemed dispute resolution lawyers from Lebanon whose contribution to the legal firmament is manifest.

While some lawyers specialize in representing different types of clients such as banks, others are sought-after arbitrators who have left their distinctive footprint on Lebanon’s legal terrain. Despite their different specialization, all these individuals share a common thread of dedication, diligence, and adherence to the law; and they all excel at dispute resolution. They hold stellar reputations within the legal fraternity, and their counsel is much sought after not just by the Lebanon community, but also on an international scale.

Without further ado, this article shall introduce you to these Lebanese dispute resolution lawyers, who have not only greatly impacted the legal landscape of Lebanon but have managed to make their mark on an international level. The lawyers have been presented in no particular order and all have hugely contributed to the dispute resolution industry in Lebanon.

Mohamed Alem

Mohamed Alem is the founding and senior partner at Alem & Associates. He is well-known for his work in the finance sector, advising both borrowers and lenders. His vast area of expertise extends to Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), capital markets, and M&A.

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Salim El Meouchi

Salim El Meouchi, the firm chairman and senior partner at Badri and Salim El Meouchi, is a highly esteemed Lebanese lawyer. Offering impeccable dispute resolution services, he frequently represents banks and complements his transactional practice.

Nayla Comair-Obeid

Nayla Comair-Obeid, settled in Beirut, is well-renowned as a leading arbitration lawyer across Lebanon and the entire Middle East. She frequently takes on appointments as an arbitrator, and her expertise on arbitration-related matters is often sought-after.

Ghaleb Mahmassani

Ghaleb Mahmassani, a distinguished lawyer at Ghaleb Mahmassani Law Office, demonstrates longstanding expertise in dispute resolution. His comprehensive knowledge of securities and financial services matters is highly lauded.

Ziad Najm

Ziad Najm is a highly regarded lawyer from Albert Najm & Ziad Najm Law Firm. He frequently handles shipping cases including charter party and shipbuilding disputes, along with insurance matters and general commercial litigation.

Mohammad Mattar

Mohammad Mattar, founding partner at Levant Law Practice, is identified as a leading criminal lawyer in Lebanon. He frequently takes on white-collar criminal litigation and is equally well-versed in arbitration proceedings.

Michel Soumrani

Michel Soumrani at Soumrani Lawyers & Legal Counsels is a recognized leader in Lebanese dispute resolution. He is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the field and takes on a broad range of commercial disputes.

Jean S. Baroudi

Jean Baroudi is an adept dispute lawyer based in Beirut. He skillfully manages shipping cases as the managing partner of Baroudi & Associates and also functions actively as an arbitrator.

Ziad Obeid

Ziad Obeid, Managing partner at Obeid & Partners, serves as an all-round litigation and international arbitration lawyer. His broad-ranging practice has seen him advise on cases relating to bilateral investment treaties and issues of public international law.

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Najib Hage-Chahine

Najib Hage-Chahine, Managing partner at Hage-Chahine Law Firm, handles a variety of cross-border commercial disputes. From investor-state disputes to compliance issues, Najib has a well-rounded profile and his expert advice on sovereign immunity matters is well-regarded.

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