Decoding Italian Financial Services Regulation: 10 Leading Lawyers’ Insights

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Italy is home to a diverse and vibrant legal sector, enriched with exemplary individuals who have made significant contributions to their respective disciplines. In the realm of Banking and Finance, and particularly within the niche of Financial Services Regulation, the country harbours an array of skilful lawyers whose careers bear testament to their profound understanding of the industry and their dedication to the craft. In this article, we explore the professional careers of ten esteemed lawyers in the field, lauding their achievements and delineating their primary areas of practice.

Banking and Finance: Financial Services Regulation is a highly complex and technical field that requires attorneys to keep abreast of constantly evolving regulatory frameworks and changes in the financial market. It encompasses numerous aspects of banking and finance law, including the launching of funds and operations, compliance with industry regulations, drafting and review of agreements, and much more. With their forward-thinking approach and in-depth knowledge, the lawyers featured in this article excellently navigate this intricate terrain, providing stellar legal services to their clients.

The intricacies of this sector necessitate lawyers to have an uncompromising commitment to their practice and a sound understanding of the sector’s regulations. The lawyers showcased here are consummate professionals who have dedicated their careers to mastering this niche branch of the law and serving their clients with unwavering tenacity and expertise.

Raffaele Lener

Raffaele Lener, part of Lener & Partners Studio Legale, is highly acclaimed for his knowledge and skill set in handling diverse financial and banking regulatory issues. His expertise extends to handling bank acquisitions, bankruptcy cases, and adding value to his clients by providing advice on debt restructuring and regulatory aspects of transfer. He practices in Italy.

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Edoardo Guffanti

With a wealth of experience under his belt, Edoardo Guffanti is a recognized figure in the Italian financial services regulation industry. As a member of Fivelex Studio Legale e Tributario, he frequently advises banks and investment companies on investment agreements, launching operations, and evaluating new models. His commitment to his clients and the sector is evident in his impactful contributions.

Federico Vezzani

A partner at BonelliErede, Federico Vezzani is recognized for his work in transaction implementation, restructuring, and reorganizations. In particular, he shines in his adeptness for managing regulatory compliance for clients in the fintech sector, a rapidly advancing industry constantly under regulatory scrutiny. His reputation has been built on consistently delivering quality advisory services to his clients.

Vincenzo Troiano

Based at Chiomenti, Vincenzo Troiano stands out in the sector with his impressive portfolio advising on various regulatory matters, including funds incorporation advice, statutory amendment regulatory matters, and sanctioning procedures. Renowned for his comprehensive approach, he additionally provides guidance in the distribution of insurance products.

Emanuele Grippo

Emanuele Grippo of Gianni & Origoni showcases commendable technical abilities and expertise in financial services regulations. His work involves revising and drafting agreements, submitting applications, and dealing with anti-money laundering matters. His relentless dedication to excellence and diligence is evident in his rising reputation in the sector.

Alessandro Portolano

Alessandro Portolano, a name that resonates in the Italian financial services regulation industry, also plays a noteworthy role at Chiomenti. He is known for his proficiency in regulatory provisions, reorganisations, and evaluations of structuring. His clients often consist of investment firms and asset managers, to whom he provides valuable guidance.

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Raimondo Maggiore

Based at Bird & Bird, Raimondo Maggiore brings to the table a wealth of knowledge in financial services regulation. He is accomplished in offering advice on EU regulatory matters and launching funds, and his experience extends to dealing with intricate MiFID II and MiFIR matters.

Luca Lo Po

Luca Lo Po is an emerging figure in financial regulatory matters. Working at DWF, his expertise is primarily in transactions, authorisations, and admission processes. His clients consist mainly of local banks and asset managers to whom he offers cutting-edge advice.

Francesco Di Carlo

Fivelex Studio Legale e Tributario’s Francesco Di Carlo is an authority in providing advice on the creation of funds, transactional regulatory matters, incorporations, and sanctioning procedures. He often aids big management companies and banks with timely and invaluable guidance.

Giuseppe Rumi

At BonelliErede, Giuseppe Rumi is a highly respected figure in financial services regulation. He is known to focus his energies on new cash withdrawal systems, rebrandings, reorganisations, and the launches of financial products, thereby providing much-needed expertise to the industry.

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