Top 10 Leading Singaporean Regulatory Lawyers Influencing Banking and Finance

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Singapore’s banking and finance industry has seen considerable growth and dynamism, accompanied by substantial regulatory change in recent years. As the city-state establishes itself as a global financial hub, the role of regulatory lawyers has become increasingly significant. In this regard, we take a closer look at some of the legal practitioners who are making a significant impact in the Banking & Finance: Regulatory sector in Singapore.

Regulatory lawyers play an indispensable role in not only navigating the evolving regulatory landscape but also in shaping it. They are instrumental in providing expert advice to financial institutions, fintech firms and other market participants on legal and regulatory compliance, as well as risk management. The following list comprises some of the distinguished regulatory lawyers in the Singapore market.

These lawyers have made their mark with their expertise, dedication, and knack for interpreting and applying regulatory stipulations. Here’s more about their roles, professional backgrounds and their contributions to the banking and finance sector.

Catherine Neo

Allen & Gledhill LLP‘s Catherine Neo is a rising star in the realm of regulatory law. A skilled negotiator and litigator, Catherine is adept at securing regulatory approvals and licences for banks and financial institutions. Her expertise in the complex regulations of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has earned her an excellent reputation in the industry.

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Stephanie Magnus

Stephanie Magnus, of Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow, is acclaimed for her proficiency in matters concerning the Payment Services Act. As the head of the firm’s financial services regulatory department, Stephanie provides clients with astute advice on risk management techniques.

Adrian Ang

Allen & Gledhill LLP lawyer Adrian Ang is a renowned fintech and regulatory expert. His invaluable advice on the implications of the Payment Services Act has made him a sought-after consultant in the industry.

Elaine Chan

Elaine Chan of WongPartnership LLP is known for her prowess in navigating the highly regulated environment of banking and fintech. She excels at advising on bank licensing requirements and compliance, making her a favorite among her clients.

Lena Ng

Clifford Chance‘s Lena Ng has carved a niche for herself in banking and financial regulatory work. She is well versed in a wide array of issues, such as payment services, LIBOR matters, and structured finance and derivatives work.

Evan Lam

Evan Lam of Linklaters Singapore Pte. Ltd. provides sound advice on regulatory issues in the banking sector. His expertise includes handling matters related to derivatives.

Kim Kit Ow

Legal Ink LLC’s Kim Kit Ow is known for her expertise in fintech-related regulatory matters. She guides clients on payment services and fund-related matters, making her a top choice for clients seeking strong legal advice in this area.

Sion Yoong Tian

Tian Sion Yoong, part of WongPartnership LLP, is esteemed for his knowledge of regulatory matters, particularly as they pertain to fintech and structured finance. He is also well informed on carbon regulations.

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Francis Mok

Allen & Gledhill LLP’s Francis Mok stands out as a distinguished figure in the banking and finance market. His insightful guidance on regulatory changes has made him highly sought after in the industry.

Peiying Chua Heikes

Linklaters Singapore Pte. Ltd’s Peiying Chua Heikes is a popular choice for clients seeking advice on financial matters in the technology sphere. She is recognised for her extensive knowledge of banking regulatory law.

In conclusion, these lawyers are making noteworthy contributions in the field of regulatory law. As the regulatory environment continues to evolve, their expertise will continue to be invaluable in navigating the legal complexities of the Singapore banking and finance sector.

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