Top 10 Influential Antitrust Plaintiffs Shaping US Law: Nation’s Legal Titans

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Across the breadth of the USA, there are a number of outstanding lawyers who specialize in antitrust law, representing plaintiffs in numerous critical cases. The lawyers showcased in this article stand out for their outstanding expertise, unflagging dedication and the impact they have had across the nation. These skilled advocates have dedicated their careers to ensuring that anti-competitive business practices are held to account and justice is sought for their clients.

Their caseloads tackle the most pressing issues dominating antitrust law, ranging from market price manipulations to price-fixing conspiracies and unfair business practices. Many of them have played vital roles in litigating major class action suits, demonstrating their capability to navigate incredibly complex legal issues successfully.

From firms that span the nation to those with a local focus, these attorneys are acknowledged for their considerable knowledge and experience in antitrust law. We are honored to showcase their talents and contributions to this niche legal field.

Gregory Asciolla

Having built a strong reputation in antitrust law, Gregory Asciolla uses his wealth of expertise to effectively represent large plaintiff classes in high-stakes multidistrict class action litigation. His work has had notable impact in the financial and pharmaceutical industries, rooting out alleged market price manipulations. Clients consistently praise his strong leadership and ability to navigate complex litigation. Unfortunately, Gregory Asciolla’s firm, DiCello Levitt, does not have a website.

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Daniel Brockett

Known for his prowess in tackling cases which allege price-fixing conspiracies and trade and LIBOR manipulations, Daniel Brockett frequently handles major class action suits. His vast knowledge and experience have not gone unnoticed in the industry, with his clients expressing solid confidence in his abilities.

Joseph Cotchett

Often described as one of the greatest plaintiff lawyers in America, Joseph Cotchett represents clients in significant commercial disputes as well as securities litigation with his firm Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy. His remarkable skill set has prompted his clients to affirm his enormous impact in nationwide class actions in the antitrust field.

Eric L. Cramer

Operating out of the law firm Berger Montague, Eric Cramer’s forte is securing settlements in antitrust class actions. He consistently leverages his extensive experience to great effect, ensuring his clients are well-represented and their rights upheld.

Roberta D Liebenberg

A prominent presence in the antitrust market, Roberta Liebenberg handles a range of critical matters including unfair business practices and price fixing. Her dedication to her work has fortified her standing within this sector.

Megan E Jones

Megan Jones from Hausfeld LLP is highly recommended for her expert handling of cartel recovery actions for corporate plaintiffs. She is also recognized for her work leading large class action cases, with clients regularly commending her sophisticated approach, innovative strategies and peerless commitment to client representation.

Joseph R Saveri

Joseph Saveri is admired for his top-notch work leading class action litigation against titans in the tech, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. His expertise in price-fixing, monopolization and conspiracy claims has made him one of the most respected lawyers in his field. His colleagues and clients readily pile praises on his fine legal acumen and strategic approach to litigations.

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Steven N Williams

Also based at the Joseph Saveri Law Firm, Steven Williams is well-acknowledged for his skillful representation of plaintiffs across a range of anti-competitive issues. His commendable track record of leading large plaintiff classes in major price-fixing litigations exemplifies his strong advocacy and enviable trial skills.

Bruce Simon

Highly regarded as a skilled trial lawyer, Bruce Simon represents plaintiffs in complex class and individual actions. His steadfast commitment to fighting anti-competitive practices is plain to see, overshadowing the fact that his law firm, Pearson, Simon & Warshaw LLP, does not have a website.

Michael Freed

Michael Freed, of Freed Kanner London & Millen LLC, is recognized for leading significant class action cases across numerous major industries. His valued clients greatly benefit from his vast experience in the field, including his stint as a trial attorney at the Department of Justice.

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