Top 10 Influential Sports Lawyers Shaping Swiss Legal Landscape in 2023

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Switzerland has been graced with some of the world’s leading law firms focusing predominantly on sports law. With an ever-growing popularity of sports and e-sports, the need for experienced sports lawyers has skyrocketed. With players, teams, and clubs turning into million-dollar brands, legal issues ranging from player contracts to sponsorship management, intellectual property rights, doping issues, match-fixing scandals, and more need to be managed. In this context, we take a look at the most intriguing sports law practitioners in Switzerland, their expertise, and their contributions to the industry.

The significance of sports law is evident as it intersects with numerous fields such as contract law, labor law, intellectual property rights, and more. Hence, a sports lawyer’s role can be incredibly diverse and dynamic. Given Switzerland’s central role in sports arbitration and its strategic location, hosting numerous international sports organizations, its sports lawyers are renowned for their experience in handling complex cases, often involving multinational interests.

Whether it’s representing high-profile clients before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), drafting contracts for up-and-coming athletes, or providing legal advice to governing bodies, these sports lawyers have excelled in their respective fields, leaving an indelible mark on Swiss sports law. Here are some of the top-rated and fascinating sports lawyers in Switzerland based on their expertise and career achievements.

András Gurovits, Niederer Kraft Frey

Recognized for his expertise in outsourcing agreements and issues related to the Internet of Things, András Gurovits has demonstrated exceptional skills in advising both domestic and international clients.

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Michele Bernasconi, Bär & Karrer Ltd

Michele Bernasconi is one of the most esteemed practitioners in the realm of sports law, having extensive expertise in international sport litigation and arbitration. He is particularly recognized for assisting international governing bodies and federations.

Giulio Palermo, Archipel

With extensive experience in distribution and license agreements, as well as contractual matters, Giulio Palermo is a well-known name in the sports law industry. He has achieved recognition for representing clients before the CAS, notably in cases involving allegations of match-fixing and alleged anti-doping rule violations.

Stephan Netzle, TIMES Attorneys

Stephan Netzle is a leading figure in sports law. His experience in representing international federations and governing bodies in contentious matters keeps him at the forefront of the field.

Jorge Ibarrola, Libra Law

A revered name in international arbitration proceedings, particularly before the CAS, Jorge Ibarrola has intricate expertise in representing international federations and football entities.

Fabrice Robert-Tissot, Bonnard Lawson

Known widely for representing clients in disputes, including acting as an arbitrator before the CAS, Fabrice Robert-Tissot has etched his name in the market as a resourceful sports lawyer.

Jean-Pierre Morand, Kellerhals Carrard

Maintaining a leading position in the Swiss sports market, Jean-Pierre Morand stands out with his assistance in transactional and litigious mandates on behalf of governing bodies and federations.

Patrick Lafranchi, Advokatur Lafranchi + Meyer

As an esteemed practitioner and arbitrator in sports law, Patrick Lafranchi is renowned for his outstanding performance in acting before international arbitration tribunals, including CAS proceedings.

Claude Ramoni, Libra Law

Recognized and appreciated for advising on doping matters, Claude Ramoni is often seen representing clients in proceedings before the CAS.

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Alexis Schoeb, Peter & Kim

A prominent figure in sports disputes, Alexis Schoeb has demonstrated stellar competence as a CAS arbitrator. He is renowned for advising both athletes and international sporting organizations.

In conclusion, each of these lawyers has added value to the Swiss sports law field in their unique ways. With a variety of background, focus, and expertise, they underline the diversity and richness of the profession in Switzerland. These individuals continue to shape the sphere of sporting law, ensuring that the best legal practice is upheld in the sports world. Without a shadow of a doubt, the future of this exciting field seems certain to be in safe hands with such committed experts on its forefront.

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