Top 10 Influential Lawyers Shaping New York’s Energy Regulatory Landscape

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The energy market, being a highly technical and complex industry, requires expert and experienced lawyers to navigate its regulatory frameworks. In the state of New York, the legal profession in the energy sector is teeming with well-versed attorneys specifically dedicated to representing utilities, developers, and energy companies. These lawyers adeptly manage a wide range of regulatory and compliance issues that are key to successful operations in this industry. This article highlights a select group of top-tier attorneys specializing in the Energy: State Regulatory & Wholesale Electric Market sector in New York.

It is vital to consider the expertise of such lawyers as they have invaluable insights into the mechanisms of both the state and wholesale electric markets. By leveraging their legal skills and profound knowledge of the industry, they facilitate strategic decision-making processes that significantly impact the success of energy projects. Here, we spotlight some of these luminaries and the contributions they make to this noteworthy industry.

The selected lawyers are seasoned professionals who have made laudable strides in representing both energy giants and small companies at regulatory agencies such as the New York Public Service Commission and NYISO. Whether it’s litigation or consultation, these attorneys guide their clients through the intricate and often challenging terrain of energy regulations.

Doreen U Saia, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

At Greenberg Traurig, LLP, Doreen Saia is renowned for her extensive knowledge of energy market deregulation. She is a confided advisor, particularly for the siting of new facilities. Saia has earned her esteemed reputation by consistently delivering exceptional results for her clients.

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Brenda Colella, Barclay Damon LLP

Barclay Damon LLP‘s Brenda Colella represents a broad spectrum of clients that include developers, utilities, and energy companies before the NY Public Service Commission and the NYISO.

Thomas F. Puchner, Phillips Lytle LLP

Thomas Puchner is recognized for advising on regulatory compliance and the siting and permitting of energy projects. With a deep understanding of the sector, he navigates his clients through enforcement actions before the PSC.

Gregory Nickson, Cullen, and Dykman LLP

At Cullen and Dykman LLP, Gregory Nickson is frequently sought after by gas, electric, and water utilities for his expertise in energy regulatory matters. Nickson excels when handling complex rate case issues.

Robert Loughney, Couch White, LLP

Couch White, LLP‘s Robert Loughney is highly regarded for extensive knowledge in transactional and regulatory energy matters that encompass rate and tariff cases.

Stanley Widger, Nixon Peabody LLP

Stanley Widger, of Nixon Peabody LLP, has a comprehensive energy regulatory practice. He skillfully represents clients in rate cases and oversees merger and facility transfer approvals.

Richard M Cogen, Nixon Peabody LLP

Also at Nixon Peabody LLP, Richard Cogen stands out for his projects-oriented energy practice. He examines and advises on all aspects of projects from development to acquisition and divestiture.

William Flynn, Harris Beach PLLC

William Flynn delivers expert advice to water, gas, and electric utilities on a range of regulatory matters. With his distinguished history as a PSC commissioner, Flynn is uniquely positioned to handle such matters.

Brian T FitzGerald, Cullen, and Dykman LLP

Cullen and Dykman LLP‘s Brian FitzGerald boasts an extensive client portfolio comprising major public gas, electric, and water utilities in the New York area. Known for his regular appearances in rate cases, FitzGerald is highly skilled in navigating his clients through the energy regulatory landscape.

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Ekin Senlet, Barclay Damon LLP

Ekin Senlet, at Barclay Damon LLP, is celebrated for her prowess in representing clients before the New York Public Service Commission. She skillfully handles the regulatory aspects of large transmission line projects and renewables.

These above-mentioned attorneys play critical roles in shaping energy policies and laws, and their expertise in the Energy: State Regulatory & Wholesale Electric Market field cannot be overstated. Their contributions to New York’s energy sector have been significant, cementing their places as esteemed professionals in their field.

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