Top 10 Influential Plaintiff-side Labor & Employment Lawyers in Maryland 2023

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The legal landscape surrounding Labor & Employment, specifically for plaintiffs, can be challenging. Expertise, fortitude, and a dedication to justice are some of the qualities found among the top lawyers in this field in Maryland. These distinguished attorneys tirelessly advocate for their clients, ensuring they receive fair treatment in the workplace. Let’s explore some of these veteran litigators, their firms, and why they have gained an esteemed reputation within the industry.

While Maryland is home to countless accomplished lawyers, some notable standouts have proven time and again their prowess in labor and employment law. Their meritorious service not only helps their clients attain justice but also shapes the legal environment at large. This article showcases these lawyers, providing an in-depth look at their career accomplishments, and how they stand tall among contemporaries in their arena.

Although many firms are responsible for shaping the state’s legislation, there are a few who have taken charge of creating an equitable working landscape for their clients. From wage and hour disputes to counseling on employee compensation, these plaintiff side employment lawyers are transforming lives one case at a time.

Gregg Greenberg

Gregg Greenberg, a member of Zipin, Amster & Greenberg LLC, is recognized for his expertise in wage and hour disputes. With his sharp insights, he has been outstanding in advising on employee compensation cases.

Julie Janofsky

Working with Fedder & Janofsky, Julie Janofsky holds a substantial experience in dealing with sexual harassment claims. She is highly respected for her efficacious role as an arbitrator for employment matters.

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Joyce Smithey

Joyce Smithey from the Smithey Law Group provides her invaluable perspective in several employment issues encompassing wrongful termination, retaliation, and wage and hour violations. Her remarkable competence and affability have fostered strong professional relationships with her clients.

Kathleen Cahill

Running the esteemed Law Offices of Kathleen Cahill, LLC out of Baltimore, Kathleen Cahill offers proficient counsel on diverse topics like noncompete agreements, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Her solid litigation skills have earned her high regard in the industry.

Steve Lebau

Steve Lebau from Lebau & Neuworth, LLC ( is widely sought after for his expertise in employment law. His proficiency in licensure issues has made him a favored choice among scientists, healthcare professionals, and physicians.

Reuben Wolfson

Reuben Wolfson, also from the Smithey Law Group, is notable for his unrivaled support to both employees and employers. He expertly navigates issues of sexual harassment claims, discrimination, and breach of contract situations.

Andrew Dansicker

Another legal luminary, Andrew Dansicker of The Law Office of Andrew M. Dansicker, is lauded as one of Maryland’s standout employment litigators for plaintiffs. He handles an assortment of discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour disputes with notable skill.

Richard Neuworth

Richard Neuworth, from Lebau & Neuworth, LLC (, is celebrated for his adept handling of various employment issues. He assists clients with a broad spectrum of issues like harassment, discrimination, and personal injury matters.

Philip Zipin

Philip Zipin, a veteran attorney at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg LLC, has an impressive track record in labor and employment law. He is highly regarded for his extensive experience in handling wage and hour cases, wrongful termination, and discrimination matters.

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James Rubin

James Rubin from Rubin Employment Law Firm, P.C., consistently provides superior representation to his clients in labor and employment disputes. His emphasis on supportiveness makes him an excellent choice for handling wage and hour, and discrimination claims.

These attorneys represent the peak of legal excellence in the labor & employment space, primarily for plaintiffs in Maryland. Their passion, professionalism, and dedication drive their successes and undeniably contribute to making a difference in the lives of their clients.

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