Exploring the Expertise of Energy & Natural Resources Lawyers in the UK

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The energy and natural resources industry plays a pivotal role in the global economy, and legal expertise is crucial in navigating the complex challenges faced by companies operating in this sector. In the United Kingdom, there is a diverse group of highly skilled lawyers specializing in energy and natural resources who are making a significant impact in shaping the legal landscape. These lawyers possess extensive knowledge of the industry, providing invaluable guidance and representation to clients involved in energy-related matters.

Nicholas Vineall KC

Nicholas Vineall KC, from 4 Pump Court, is a prominent figure in the energy and natural resources field. With his deep understanding of the industry, Vineall offers expert counsel to clients involved in energy disputes. His experience spans a wide range of matters, including energy infrastructure projects, regulatory issues, and commercial disputes. Vineall’s strategic approach and strong advocacy skills make him a sought-after advisor in the energy sector.

Claire Blanchard KC

Claire Blanchard KC, a member of Essex Court Chambers, is a highly regarded commercial litigator and arbitrator with a specialization in energy cases. Known for her impressive courtroom demeanor and pronounced insurance expertise, Blanchard is at home handling energy-related disputes. She provides strong representation and strategic advice to clients involved in complex energy matters. Blanchard’s wealth of experience and notable expertise make her a trusted advisor in the field.

Lionel Persey KC

Lionel Persey KC, from Quadrant Chambers, is a recognized choice for handling mammoth oil disputes. Highly regarded for his depth of technical expertise, especially in marine engineering, Persey specializes in midstream and upstream cases. His practice encompasses pipeline, ship, and rig construction, as well as oil production and exploration. Persey’s expertise extends to cases involving oil majors, national oil companies, and various Middle Eastern jurisdictions. Additionally, he has significant experience as an arbitrator in shipbuilding disputes.

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Alexander Gunning KC

Alexander Gunning KC, from One Essex Court, is an esteemed lawyer with expertise in the energy and natural resources sector. With a comprehensive understanding of the industry, Gunning provides valuable advice and representation to clients involved in energy-related matters. His strong analytical skills and strategic thinking make him a valuable asset in resolving complex legal issues.

David Allen KC

David Allen KC, from 7 King’s Bench Walk, is a distinguished lawyer specializing in energy and natural resources. With a wealth of experience, Allen provides expert counsel and representation to clients involved in a wide range of energy-related disputes. His in-depth understanding of the industry and strong advocacy skills make him a sought-after advisor in the field.


These lawyers, with their extensive knowledge and expertise, are at the forefront of the energy and natural resources sector in the UK. Their dedication to providing exceptional legal services and their ability to navigate complex energy-related disputes make them valuable assets to clients operating in this industry. With their strategic guidance and strong advocacy, they contribute significantly to shaping the legal landscape and driving the success of energy and natural resources companies in the UK.

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