Exploring 10 Most Influential White-Collar Crime Cases Led by Top Polish Lawyers

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A white-collar crime refers to financially motivated, non-violent criminal offenses committed by individuals or organizations. These crimes usually involve deceit, fraud, or breach of trust and can have serious consequences for individuals and companies. In Poland, there are several highly skilled and experienced white-collar crime lawyers who specialize in representing clients accused of such offenses. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting white-collar crime lawyers in Poland.

Jarosław Majewski

Jarosław Majewski is a highly skilled white-collar crime lawyer who represents both individuals and companies. He is a partner at DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp.k. (DMS Legal), a renowned law firm in Poland. With years of experience in handling complex criminal cases, Majewski has built a reputation for his expertise in white-collar crime matters. He provides comprehensive legal assistance to clients in various industries, guiding them through criminal investigations and proceedings.

Visit https://dms-legal.com/ to learn more about Jarosław Majewski and his legal practice.

Arkadiusz Korzeniewski

Arkadiusz Korzeniewski is a dedicated white-collar crime lawyer who focuses on criminal proceedings and internal investigations. He is a partner at CMS, a leading international law firm with a strong presence in Poland. Korzeniewski’s clientele includes international banks and pharmaceutical companies, among others. With his deep knowledge of white-collar crime laws and regulations, he effectively guides his clients through complex legal processes and provides strategic advice to mitigate potential risks.

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For more information about Arkadiusz Korzeniewski and his practice, visit https://cms.law/.

Janusz Tomczak

Janusz Tomczak is a well-established white-collar crime lawyer who advises clients on a wide range of matters, including alleged fraud and bribery cases. He is a partner at Raczkowski, a reputable law firm in Poland. With his extensive experience in the field, Tomczak offers comprehensive legal support to individuals and companies facing white-collar crime allegations. He is known for his meticulous approach and his ability to devise effective defense strategies for his clients.

To learn more about Janusz Tomczak and his legal services, visit http://www.raczkowski.eu/.

Tomasz Konopka

Tomasz Konopka is an accomplished white-collar crime lawyer known for his outstanding track record in handling a wide range of cases. He is a partner at Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak (SKS), a prominent law firm in Poland. Konopka assists clients from various sectors in navigating the complexities of white-collar crime investigations, providing them with strategic advice and robust legal representation. His expertise extends to cybercrime cases, where he helps clients protect their interests in the digital world.

For more information about Tomasz Konopka and his legal practice, visit http://www.skslegal.pl/.

Bartłomiej Jankowski

Bartłomiej Jankowski is a highly regarded white-collar crime lawyer known for his expertise in advising clients on complex legal matters. He is a partner at B2R Law Jankowski Stroiński Zięba, a reputable law firm in Poland. Jankowski has a proven track record of successfully handling white-collar crime-related cases, providing his clients with strategic and effective legal solutions. He is known for his strong analytical skills and his ability to navigate the complexities of criminal investigations.

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To learn more about Bartłomiej Jankowski and his legal services, visit https://b2rlaw.com/contact-us/.

Maciej Antoniak

Maciej Antoniak is a white-collar crime lawyer with expertise in anti-corruption proceedings, compliance procedures, and misappropriation of assets cases. He represents clients in complex criminal matters as well as provides legal assistance in internal investigations. Although DWF Poland does not have a website at the moment, Antoniak’s reputation as a skilled and dedicated lawyer in his field speaks for itself.

Karina Aust Niewiadomska

Karina Aust Niewiadomska is a highly skilled white-collar crime litigator specializing in cases involving fraud and bribery. She is a member of the prestigious law firm Rymarz Zdort Maruta and has built a reputation for her expertise in white-collar crime litigation. Niewiadomska’s clients benefit from her deep understanding of relevant laws and regulations, as well as her strong advocacy skills in the courtroom.

Mikołaj Pietrzak

Mikołaj Pietrzak is a renowned white-collar crime defense lawyer with extensive experience in handling complex criminal cases. He is a partner at Pietrzak Sidor & Partners, a respected law firm in Poland. Pietrzak is well-known for his exceptional defense work and his ability to effectively represent clients facing white-collar crime allegations. His clients benefit from his in-depth knowledge of white-collar crime laws and his strategic approach to litigation.

For more information about Mikołaj Pietrzak and his legal services, visit http://www.pietrzaksidor.pl/?lang=en.

Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski

Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski is a highly established white-collar crime lawyer and a renowned academic. He is a senior practitioner at SPCG Studnicki Płeszka Ćwiąkalski Górski, a well-respected law firm in Poland. Ćwiąkalski’s expertise in handling criminal defense cases is unparalleled, making him a highly sought-after lawyer in his field. With his years of experience and extensive knowledge of white-collar crime laws and regulations, he provides his clients with exceptional legal representation.

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Aleksandra Oziemska

Aleksandra Oziemska specializes in white-collar crime matters, with a focus on fraud cases, internal criminal investigations, and money laundering allegations. She is a member of White & Case M. Studniarek i Wspólnicy – Kancelaria Prawna sp.k., a renowned international law firm with a strong presence in Poland. Oziemska’s clients benefit from her comprehensive understanding of complex white-collar crime issues and her ability to devise effective legal strategies.

Learn more about Aleksandra Oziemska and her legal services at https://www.whitecase.com/locations/emea/warsaw.

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