Top 10 Labour for Unions Lawyers in Québec Making Impact in 2023

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The field of Employment & Labour Law, particularly Labour for Unions in Quebec, is populated with highly experienced and respected professionals. Each lawyer has developed a unique approach to handling disputes, advocating for unions and securing the best results for their clients. The specializations in labour law are broad, going far beyond the basics with each lawyer offering their expertise in specific fields such as grievance arbitrations, public sector negotiations, human rights matters and much more. This article offers a brief introduction to some key players in this field, more about who they are, where they work, and their particular areas of specialization.

Understanding the nuances of labour law is essential for both employers and workers. The professional acumen of these lawyers aids to bolster union presence, ensure fair employee treatment, and facilitate healthier work environments. Based in Quebec, these lawyers draw not only from provincial statutes and regulations but also a deep well of experience, contributing to making workplaces more equitable and respectful for everyone involved.

Unions are key drivers in ensuring fair treatment of workers, advocating for employee rights and voicing grievances. This crucial role highlights the importance of specialized legal representation that can aptly navigate the detailed and often complex issues that arise within union environments. We showcase a select group of stand-out lawyers in Quebec in the area of Labour for Unions who have demonstrated exceptional skills, expertise, and dedication in their profession.

Michel Davis, Rivest Schmidt

Michel Davis is a well-respected lawyer based in Montréal known for his expertise in labour and administrative law. Specializing in grievance arbitrations and occupational health and safety matters, Davis is relied upon for his extensive knowledge and experience in his specialization within Employment & Labour law.

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Sibel Ataogul, Melançon Marceau Grenier et Sciortino

Sibel Ataogul has established herself in Montréal, excelling in both labour and human rights law. She is renowned for her work in grievance arbitrations, constitutional challenges and occupational health and safety matters. With a practice that extends to appearing before various administrative tribunals and civil courts, including the Supreme Court, Ataogul is a formidable presence in labour law.

Yves Morin, Roy Bélanger Avocats

A founding partner of Roy Bélanger Avocats, Yves Morin is based in Longueuil and comes highly recommended for his representation of unions in the public sector. Morin particularly shines when handling grievance arbitrations and matters before the industrial relations board.

Bernard Philion, Philion Leblanc Beaudry Avocats s.a

Based in Montréal, Bernard Philion is recognized for actively representing unions within both public and private sectors. His range of services includes adept handling of collective agreements and health and safety matters, all the while ensuring the utmost respect and consideration for his clients.

Claude Tardif, Rivest Schmidt

Another prominent figure based in Montréal is Claude Tardif. Known as an esteemed union-side labour litigator, Tardif excels in advising on pensions plans, administrative law and collective agreement renewals.

Claude G. Melançon, Melançon Marceau Grenier et Sciortino

Founding partner Claude Melançon, based in Montréal, has a long legacy of representing trade unions and employees in both the public and private sectors. His dedication to collective agreement negotiations and grievance arbitrations, as well as recent action on international labour law and cooperation agreements, solidify him as a significant figure in this field.

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Denis Bradet, Poudrier Bradet

Denis Bradet operates out of Montréal with an extensive practice in labour and administrative law. His firm Poudrier Bradet is particularly recognized for its services regarding individual employee contracts and collective negotiations in the public sector. Bradet is respected in handling pay equity and human rights matters.

Jacques Lamoureux, Lamoureux Morin Avocats

Jacques Lamoureux, a founding member of Lamoureux Morin Avocats, has an impressive presence in Longueuil. His extensive experience extends to a variety of grievance arbitrations and matters before the labour relations board, frequently yielding favourable outcomes.

Pierre Grenier, Melançon Marceau Grenier et Sciortino

Based in Montréal, Pierre Grenier holds a strong reputation as a union-side labour litigator. He retains a wealth of experience in successfully representing players before courts and administrative tribunals on grievance arbitrations and judicial review matters.

Jean-François Beaudry, Philion Leblanc Beaudry Avocats s.a

Another prominent figure in Montréal is Jean-François Beaudry, an esteemed union-side labour lawyer. Noted for his regular representation on employment tribunals, Beaudry has also demonstrated considerable expertise in administrative law, making him a well-rounded choice for many unions.

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