Top 10 Influential General Business Law Figures in Ethiopia Explored

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Ethiopia has a thriving legal industry, with many skilled and experienced lawyers who specialize in general business law. These lawyers provide expert advice and legal representation to both domestic and international clients, covering a wide range of legal matters from corporate finance to intellectual property. In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting general business law lawyers in Ethiopia.

Mehrteab Leul:

Mehrteab Leul is a founding partner at Mehrteab & Getu Advocates LLP (MLA) and is highly active in the legal community of Addis Ababa. His extensive experience in corporate and project finance makes him a sought-after advisor for domestic and international corporations. Mehrteab also provides valuable insights in capital markets, real estate, and mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, he is well-versed in dispute resolution matters, ensuring his clients receive comprehensive legal support.

Tamrat Assefa Liban:

Tamrat Assefa Liban leads the Tamrat Assefa Liban Law Offices and is widely recognized for his expertise in cross-border financing transactions. With deep knowledge of the energy and natural resources sectors, Tamrat offers valuable legal guidance to clients looking to invest in Ethiopia’s growing economy. His firm’s website can be found here.

Deborah Haddis:

Deborah Haddis, an increasingly prominent associate at Mesfin Tafesse & Associates Law Office, excels in corporate and commercial law. Her recent involvement in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and restructurings demonstrates her versatility in handling complex transactions. Deborah is equally skilled in domestic and cross-border matters, ensuring comprehensive and effective legal representation for her clients. More information about the firm can be found here.

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Wondemagegnehu Gebre Selassie:

Wondemagegnehu Gebre Selassie is a leading lawyer in the mining sector in Ethiopia. With expertise in both advisory and litigation counsel, Wondemagegnehu provides valuable assistance to clients facing legal challenges in this industry. His deep understanding of environmental regulations further enhances his ability to provide comprehensive legal advice to his clients.

Aman Assefa:

Aman Assefa, a well-known lawyer, is the founding partner of Aman & Partners LLP. His broad practice spans various areas, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity, public projects, and infrastructure. With extensive experience in these fields, Aman is equipped to handle complex legal matters and provide strategic advice to his clients. More information about his firm can be found here.

Kumlachew Dagne:

Kumlachew Dagne is a prominent business and human rights lawyer who also provides expert advice on investment, mergers and acquisitions, and privatisation transactions. Furthermore, he possesses knowledge in regulatory issues, enabling him to address the unique challenges that may arise in such matters. His law office’s website can be found here.

Bahakal Abate:

Bahakal Abate is an up-and-coming lawyer known for his expertise in domestic and international investments, as well as regulatory matters. His areas of focus include telecommunications, mergers and acquisitions, and tax. Bahakal’s diverse legal knowledge allows him to provide comprehensive advice to his clients. More information about his firm can be found here.

Tadesse Kiros Siba:

Tadesse Kiros Siba, the founding partner of Tadesse Kiros Law Offices, advises clients on various corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions. His expertise extends to intellectual property and energy-related matters. Additionally, Tadesse is active in financing agreements, particularly for projects. More information about his firm can be found here.

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Mesfin Tafesse:

Mesfin Tafesse, a longstanding lawyer, provides legal support to clients on a wide range of corporate issues. From joint venture agreements to public-private partnership projects, Mesfin’s extensive experience makes him a reliable source of guidance for both Ethiopian and international clients. More information about his firm can be found here.

Lidet Abebe Tizazu:

Lidet Abebe Tizazu is a pre-eminent intellectual property lawyer in Ethiopia. Her focus on trademark and patent protection ensures that international clients receive the highest level of legal support when navigating the Ethiopian market. Her law office’s website can be found here.

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