10 Most Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers Shaping IP Law in Poland

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Poland, being one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, has seen an increase in intellectual property related cases in the past decade. To cater to this increasing demand for intellectual property lawyers, many internationally recognized individuals are making their mark in this field in the country. This article serves as a guide to pinpoint some of the most prominent intellectual property lawyers in Poland, highlighting their respective skills and area of expertise. Read on to learn more about these impressive individuals.

Intellectual Property Law is a very specialized field dealing with issues such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks. It’s imperative for businesses to protect their creative works, innovations, and trade secrets to prevent misuse or outright theft. This makes the role of an intellectual property lawyer even more vital. As the name suggests, these professionals are specialized in the realm of intellectual property and understand the laws, procedures, and practices involved in securing and protecting intellectual assets.

The following prominent lawyers have been on the frontlines of representing businesses and individuals in cutting-edge intellectual property matters in Poland. They are engaged in representing and advising clients on various intellectual property law and related issues including trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, and domain name matters.

Krystyna Szczepanowska-Kozłowska

One of the top-rated lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property in Poland is Ms. Szczepanowska-Kozłowska who is affiliated with Allen & Overy LLP. Though her firm doesn’t maintain a dedicated website, the skills she brings to the table are robust. With a broad IP practice, she specializes in trademark and patent protection, with a particular emphasis on contentious patent cases. She is not only a well-respected practitioner but also has a reputable place in academics.

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Justyna Rasiewicz

Ms. Rasiewicz of ROA Rasiewicz & Associates moves a tier up because of the strong market support she receives. She lends her expertise to various sectors, including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, with focus on patent and copyright infringement matters.

Marta Koremba

Ms. Koremba, associated with Bird & Bird Szepietowski i wspólnicy sp. k, specializes in trade mark protection. She is active for clients spanning a diverse range of sectors such as manufacturing, food, and beverages.

Szymon Gogulski

Another noted lawyer is Mr. Gogulski from Sołtysiński Kawecki & Szlęzak. He regularly advises clients on trade mark protection, including defense against infringements in court, and assists with non-contentious trade mark issues.

Włodzimierz Szoszuk

Michelin-rated senior practitioner Mr. Szoszuk from Wardyński & Partners represents a variety of clients including pharmaceutical and fashion companies in a range of IP disputes, covering trade marks and patents. He is a member of the CPR/INTA International Panel of Neutrals and an arbitrator in .eu domain cases at the Czech Arbitration Court in Prague.

Anna Gołębiowska

Ms. Gołębiowska associated with Gołębiowska Krawczyk Roszkowski i Partnerzy (GKR Legal) is also gaining strong market support, primarily focusing on trade mark enforcement cases and assisting with copyright issues.

Marek Lazewski

Mr. Lazewski from LDS Lazewski Depo & Partners frequently represents pharmaceutical companies in patent prosecution and trade mark infringement disputes.

Marcin Fijalkowski

Mr. Fijalkowski of Baker McKenzie regularly advises clients from the technology, alcoholic beverage and FMCG sectors on trade mark matters. These matters include prosecution, enforcement, and representing clients in contentious cases before EU authorities.

Anna Pompe

Anna Pompe of Wardyński & Partners is another top-ranked trade mark disputes specialist who handles contentious registration and infringement cases before the Patent Office, as well as counterfeiting cases on behalf of famous brands.

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Mariusz Kondrat

Finally, let’s conclude with Mr. Kondrat of Kondrat & Partners. He is a highly respected IP lawyer who assists pharma as well as FMCG clients with trade mark and patent protection. He represents clients before the Polish Patent Office as well as EUIPO.

Regardless of the industry, today’s businesses are increasingly reliant on their intellectual property. Hence, it’s essential to be aware of their rights and how to protect them. This becomes even more critical in a vibrant economy like Poland’s where innovation is the key to success. These lawyers provide their clients with essential support in navigating through the complex field of Intellectual Property Law.

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