Top 10 Influential Family/Matrimonial Birmingham Lawyers: 2023 Spotlight

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When faced with the labyrinth of matrimonial and family law, it’s essential to have experienced professionals on your side. In Birmingham and its surrounds, numerous accomplished lawyers specialise in this field. These lawyers offer a comprehensive range of services, including advice on complex financial disputes, handling matters arising from divorce and family breakdowns, and dealing with issues surrounding child arrangement orders. Their expertise does not stop within the borders; they also excel in cross-border complexities.

In this article, we showcase some of the exceptional lawyers based in Birmingham who excel in Family and Matrimonial law. Each has their own set of expertise and experience, ensuring that all areas of this intricate field are covered. We provide a bio for each of the lawyers discussed and include links to the firm’s websites to help you make an informed decision in choosing the best lawyer for your specific needs.

Partnering with an experienced and reliable lawyer could make a significant difference in how your case is managed, and ultimately in its outcome. Below is a list of some of the best Matrimonial and Family lawyers in Birmingham and surrounds:

Helen Jane Arnold

Firm: Benussi & Co. Birmingham-based Helen Jane Arnold has made a strong reputation for family law practice as a Legal Director. She advises high net worth clients on divorces and financial disputes concerning substantial assets and cross-border complexities.

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Caroline Young

Firm: Clarke Willmott LLP. Senior associate Caroline Young stands out for her wealth of experience assisting clients on both financial disputes and private children matters arising from divorce proceedings and family breakdowns.

Elizabeth Wyatt

Firm: Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. Elizabeth Wyatt has a market-leading matrimonial finance practice that sees her regularly advising clients on complex financial remedy proceedings, often with cross-border aspects.

Christopher Lloyd-Smith

Firm: Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. Christopher Lloyd-Smith excels in representing clients in divorce and separation proceedings, especially praised for his outstanding mediation skills. His knowledge extends into financial matters and child arrangement orders.

Kevin Harris-James

Firm: Harrison Clark Rickerbys. Kevin Harris-James is recognized for advising clients on complex matrimonial finance and cohabitation, including cross-border aspects. He currently heads the Birmingham office and leads its family team.

Andrew Crumpton

Firm: Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. Andrew Crumpton, a senior associate, has significant experience advising clients on care proceedings related to allegations of abuse and neglect.

Beverley Morris

Firm: Lodders Solicitors LLP. As head of the firm’s family law department, Beverley Morris’s practice covers the full spectrum of matrimonial finance matters, and she also advises on Children Act proceedings.

Jas Tamber

Firm: Anthony Collins Solicitors LLP. Jas Tamber, head of the children team, frequently represents parents and guardians in complex care proceedings, including those relating to domestic abuse and non-accidental injuries. Notably, he excels in representing vulnerable clients, such as, those with serious learning difficulties.

Victoria Fellows

Firm: Harrison Clark Rickerbys. Victoria Fellows is an expert in both matrimonial finance and Children Act cases. She efficiently manages substantial cohabitation disputes and divorce proceedings.

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Lucy Barr

Firm: VWV. Lucy Barr, based in Birmingham, is praised for her ability to handle Children Act proceedings and the financial issues that may arise from divorce proceedings.

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