Top 10 Influential Shipping Lawyers in Spain of 2023 Revealed

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Spain, a country with a rich maritime history and a long coastline extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, has a thriving shipping industry facilitated by prominent shipping lawyers. These legal experts specialize in maritime law, offering a broad array of advice from maritime disputes to vessel acquisitions and shipbuilding contracts. Here, we showcase some of the leading shipping lawyers in Spain, providing an insight into their expertise and links to their firms.

Garrigues, Muñoz & Montañés, Albors Galiano & Portales, San Simón & Duch, Rogers & Co. Abogados, Aiyon Abogados, Actam Abogados and Avante Legal are just a few of the law firms that have some of the best shipping lawyers in Spain. Their knowledge, dedication, and meticulous attention to every case they handle make them an essential part of the shipping industry in the region.

These lauded legal professionals deal with a plethora of laws governing commercial vessels, their passengers, cargo, and recreational boating activities. Their work extends to various maritime matters, including shipping mandates, maritime litigation, maritime insurance, cargo claims, ship arrests, and vessel purchase agreements. Let’s delve deeper into the profiles of these leading lawyers.

Jesús Barbadillo Eyzaguirre

Working with Garrigues, Jesús Barbadillo Eyzaguirre is a highly reputed shipping lawyer. With strong market support, he is proficient in advising on general average, vessel acquisitions, and shipbuilding contracts.

Alicia Montañés

Alicia Montañés from Muñoz & Montañés is an expert in numerous shipping issues, showcasing significant expertise in maritime disputes, including P&I claims.

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Javier Portales

Javier Portales is a widely recognized shipping attorney at Albors Galiano & Portales. His mastery of marine insurance, admiralty law, and complex arbitration proceedings makes him one of Spain’s top shipping experts.

Mercedes Duch

Representing San Simón & Duch is Mercedes Duch, who skillfully handles contentious and non-contentious shipping mandates across Spain.

Marie Rogers

Marie Rogers from Rogers & Co. Abogados is a distinguished lawyer with great acumen in shipping cases. Her competence in maritime litigation makes her highly sought after in her field.

Mikel Garteiz-Goxeaskoa

At Aiyon Abogados, Mikel Garteiz-Goxeaskoa shines through with his rich experience in dealing with cargo, charter party, collective insurance claims, as well as collision matters.

Celia Lopera

Muñoz & Montañés’ Valencia-based practitioner, Celia Lopera, offers a range of shipping services from P&I and cargo claims to ship arrests and vessel purchase agreements.

Juan Beitia

Actam Abogados’ consultant Juan Beitia specializes in representing P&I clubs and shipping companies on maritime insurance disputes, often relating to logistics matters.

Jacobo Tojeiro

With Avante Legal, Jacobo Tojeiro has gained recognition through positive market feedback. He offers legal assistance on contract work and damage claims.

Julio López Quiroga

Julio López Quiroga, part of Avante Legal, witnesses his market stature growing owing to firm support. He is known for his strength in tackling collision, salvage, and cargo claims proceedings, as well as ship arrests and non-payment claims.

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