Top 10 Influential Clinical Negligence Lawyers in North West Region

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The North West is home to a truly impressive array of claimant lawyers specialising in Clinical Negligence suits. Legally representing patients who’ve suffered due to healthcare providers’ mistakes is a challenging field of law, one that requires a thorough knowledge of medical dialogue, capacity to handle delicate circumstances, and an unwavering commitment to justice. The lawyers highlighted in the subsequent discussion are among the region’s most accomplished and accomplished ones.

To aid in making a comparative assessment of each lawyer’s abilities and experience, we will provide a short summary of the legal practice they belong to, the fields of Clinical Negligence law they specialise in, and a few highlights of their legal career achievements. These summaries are designed to provide an at-a-glance overview of each lawyer’s competence and professional orientation, therefore providing a starting point for those in need of Clinical Negligence representation to find the most suitable legal professional.

This lineup of lawyers illustrates the depth and diversity of the North West’s Clinical Negligence field. Each has a distinct emphasis and strength that contributes to the entire region’s legal capabilities, highlighting the importance of the Clinical Negligence field and how these professionals work tirelessly to champion patient rights and obligations.

Julia Hamilton

Julia Hamilton resides at Fieldfisher is distinguished in dealing with paediatric and brain injury cases, including high-value cerebral palsy claims. She has acquired significant expertise and respect within the Clinical Negligence scene of the North West.

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Melissa Gardner

At JMW Solicitors LLP resides Melissa Gardner, a skilled lawyer who specialises in birth injuries resulting in catastrophic brain damage, and cases connected to neonatal negligence. Additional to her vast competencies, Melissa has handled a wealth of cases related to spinal cord injuries attributable to delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome.

Sara Stanger

Sara Stanger is head of Bond Turner’s clinical negligence department in Liverpool. She excels in representing claimants in cases involving delayed diagnosis of cancer and surgical negligence claims. Sara has further skills in handling sensitive informed consent claims, demonstrating her varied proficiencies within the industry.

Anna Higham

Anna Higham, a member of Potter Rees Dolan, Serious Injury Solicitors, often assists with high-value spinal injury claims, including cases related to delayed diagnosis. Her experience as an associate in the team at Stewarts has proven crucial in building her esteemed reputation.

Lindsay Holt

A fellow member of Fieldfisher, Lindsay Holt holds vital experience handling cases concerning surgical errors that have resulted in brain damage and wrongful birth and birth injury claims among others, cementing her importance in Clinical Negligence cases within the North West.

Lesley Herbertson

Also from Potter Rees Dolan, Serious Injury Solicitors, Lesley Herbertson is highly adept in dealing with delayed diagnosis, birth injury claims and cases emerging from surgical negligence, leading to spinal and brain injuries.

Trevor Ward

At Fletchers Solicitors you will find Trevor Ward, whose extensive expertise includes failures in diagnosis and treatment, as well as surgical negligence claims. His rich experience makes him a valued contributor in the field of Clinical Negligence within the North West region.

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Lindsay Wise

Lindsay Wise of Irwin Mitchell frequently assists with claims concerning delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome. She is also capable in handling birth and brain injury cases, as well as high-value fatal claims.

Helen Dolan

As the Senior Managing Partner and Head of the Clinical Negligence Team at Potter Rees Dolan, Serious Injury Solicitors, Helen Dolan has extensive experience in dealing with severe spinal injuries. Her additional expertise includes handling surgical negligence cases that result in brain damage, as well as birth injury claims. She is also well versed in handling delayed diagnosis cases.

Martin Hood

Martin Hood is the Deputy Head of the Clinical Negligence Department and Associate Director in the firm’s Liverpool office at the Jackson Lees Group. He is recognised for representing claimants in medical negligence claims, often handling brain injuries and spinal injuries cases, as well as delayed diagnosis of cancer cases.

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