Top 10 Stellar Banking & Finance Lawyers Shaping Peru’s Legal Field in 2023

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In the comprehensive world of finance and banking, lawyers play an immensely important role. Peru has witnessed the rise of some outstanding banking and finance lawyers who have brought in a global perspective and unparalleled expertise. Their knack of understanding complex financial transactions, governance issues, and their extensive knowledge makes them stand out in the international finance arena. Today, we take an in-depth look at these professional wonder-brains who, with their acuity, have made a mark in the Peruvian banking & finance industry.

Their roles are multifaceted – dealing with corporate and acquisition financing, advising on syndicated loans, and project finance mandates. These legal wizards are not confined within the boundaries of their home country, with many of them being highly proficient in international laws. Each has carved out a niche for themselves, projecting unparalleled user experience in handling complex deals, and offering personalized services.

Let us now move further and introduce you to the illustrious names, who are adding immense value to the financial sector with their professional services, making a real difference in this unpredictable world of finance and banking.

Thomas Thorndike

Representing the prestigious firm Garrigues, Thomas Thorndike has demonstrated exceptional knowledge in corporate and acquisition financing as well as syndicated loans and project finance mandates. His dual qualifications to practice in Peru and New York make him a go-to resource for cross-border transactions involving Peru. His expertise, responsiveness, and valuable advice have him revered by clients and peers alike.

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Juan Luis Avendaño Cisneros

Banking industry veteran, Juan Luis Avendaño Cisneros, is a partner at the firm Miranda & Amado Abogados. His vast knowledge in the finance and capital markets spheres have earned him high praise from clients and contemporaries.
He is recognized for his timely advice and is considered a market leader in the field.

Luis Ernesto Marín

A treasured part of the team at Porto Legal, Luis Ernesto Marín has rightfully earned his spot in our list due to his comprehensive legal knowledge and sharp commercial vision. His professional acumen has earned him strong endorsements from his peers and superiors alike, making him a rising star in Peru’s banking and finance arena.

Giovanna García

Giovanna García from the respected firm, Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados provides a tailored, personalised service to her clients. Known for flawless advice, she is effective in handling complex deals. Her debut in our rankings this year credits her strong endorsement from market observers and clients.

Jorge Lazo

Jorge Lazo of Lazo & De Romaña Abogados consistently garners recognition for his work in Peru’s banking and finance arena. His clients value his professional expertise and acknowledge his willingness to always be available to support them.

Alan García

A rising practitioner at Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados, Alan García, is applauded by his clients for his sweeping knowledge of Peru’s banking and finance landscape. Noted for his proactiveness, commitment and the ability to provide accurate advice, he indeed is a promising name in this industry.

José Cúneo

Highly-regarded partner José Cúneo from Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados commands respect in the market. His dedicated professional approach, and expertise in handling complex issues, have clients raving about the detailed and useful advice he provides.

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Sergio Barboza

Working with DLA Piper, Sergio Barboza stands out for his comprehensive, precise and assertive advice. His vast understanding of the Peruvian financial market has clients commending him for his ability to find simple solutions to complex problems.

Rafael Corzo

Key partner at Miranda & Amado Abogados, Rafael Corzo, is sought after for his advice on critical situations that require high expertise. He has played a significant role in assisting financial institutions with incorporations and corporate finance issues.

Luis Fernando Edwards

Acclaimed by clients for his meticulous and methodical approach, Luis Fernando Edwards from De Bracamonte, Haaker, Castellares Abogados is a noteworthy entry this year. His considerable experience makes him a standout in handling cases in the finance field.

The legal sphere of the Peruvian banking and finance sector indeed echoes with the above-mentioned names. Each of them uniquely contributes their experience and understanding, mastering exceptional cases with their profound knowledge. The arena of Banking & Finance in Peru is undeniably enriched with their indispensable contributions.

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