Top 10 High Net Worth Family Lawyers Making Waves in Switzerland 2023

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In times of family dispute or when matrimonial matters need to be legally settled, it is crucial to have a reliable, professional, and trustworthy lawyer by your side. Especially for high net worth individuals, the complexities of these legal negotiations can often require a lawyer with specific experience and knowledge. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the prestigious lawyers specializing in Family/Matrimonial legal affairs for high net worth individuals in Switzerland.

These esteemed professionals are not only recognized for their acumen and proficiency in law but also for their understanding of their clients’ unique needs and requirements. They have substantial experience in handling complex, international cases and are known to fight tirelessly for their clients’ best interests.

Sit back and immerse yourself in the world of these Swiss legal luminaries who have made prestigious names for themselves in the realm of high net worth family and matrimonial law. Let’s get to know them a bit more intimately.

Margherita Bortolani-Slongo

Representing Trachsel Bortolani Partner, Margherita Bortolani-Slongo stands out as an expert in Swiss and international family, matrimonial, matrimonial property, partnership, and inheritance law issues. Her peers describe her as having an intricate understanding of the complexities associated with international cases. Learn more about Margherita here.

Anne Reiser

Anne Reiser is a Geneva-based family and matrimonial legal expert handling a broad spectrum of issues affecting high net worth individuals, including matrimonial agreements and child arrangements. Often praised for her meticulous understanding of the law and her tenacity, she might just be the lawyer you’re searching for. Learn more about Anne here.

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Annette Spycher

Annette Spycher, based in Bern and representing Kellerhals Carrard, is highly regarded in the realm of complex family disputes, particularly those involving cross-border issues. Her peers applaud her deep experience, sophistication, and knack for finding viable solutions. Know more about Annette here.

Daniel Trachsel

Another notable figure from Trachsel Bortolani Partner is Daniel Trachsel. An inheritance and family law virtuoso, he has years of experience in advising high net worth clients and is also renowned as a mediator. For those with particularly big and intricate cases, Daniel might be an excellent choice. Know more here.

Christine Arndt

With a reputation for her focused approach and insightful advice, Christine Arndt from Langner Arndt Rechtsanwälte AG specializes in high-value matrimonial finance and divorce matters. No matter how complex the case, Christine is known to provide forthright and top-class advice. Know more about Christine here.

Michael Wells-Greco

Michael Wells-Greco from Charles Russell Speechlys, stands out with his broad practice encompassing wealth protection and succession planning matters, along with contentious inheritance matters. His instinctive approach and diplomat demeanor make him an appealing choice for many. Visit here. to learn more about Michael.

Gian Brändli

From the same firm as Christine Arndt, Gian Brändli exhibits rigor and thoroughness in his work with family and inheritance law. If you’re looking for a responsive and practical advisor for intricate family or divorce matters, Gian might be your answer. Learn more about him here.

Marie Berger

Marie Berger shines brightly among her peers at BRS Berger Recordon & de Saugy. She’s recognized as a cornerstone in the realm of family law and private international law, with a special knack for dealing with international children’s cases and divorce issues. Explore Marie’s expertise here.

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Alain Berger

Also at BRS Berger Recordon & de Saugy, Alain Berger enjoys a stellar reputation for his work in matrimonial, partnership, and divorce matters, as well as issues concerning private international law. He’s an exceptional choice, particularly for complicated and large international cases. Learn more here.

Sonia Ryser

Geneva-based Sonia Ryser of Locca Pion et Ryser often deals with family law issues and advises high net worth clients on intricate matrimonial proceedings and filiation issues. Known for her sagacity and high-profile client base, Sonia might be just the legal professional you need. Get to know Sonia here.

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