Top 10 Pioneering Peruvian WTO Lawyers Influencing International Trade in 2023

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Peru has been gaining increasing recognition as a major player in International Trade and World Trade Organization (WTO) related issues. At the centre of this remarkable growth and recognition are legal stars whose expertise and dedication stand out in addressing challenges and leveraging opportunities in this field. The rise of key personalities in the legal profession, their contribution to their various legal firms and area of expertise have continued to shape Peru’s status in International Trade law. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some noteworthy lawyers in this area and providing a snapshot of their invaluable contributions.

The International Trade/WTO sector in Peru is both complex and dynamic, stipulating the need for exceptional legal expertise. Indeed, handling trade disputes, advising on tariff classifications, customs regulations, tax implications of major infrastructure projects and more, requires a deep understanding of both domestic and international law. These lawyers have consistently demonstrated this understanding, helping their clients navigate through challenging scenarios.

The focus of this article is to make known the outstanding lawyers who have made a significant impact in the International Trade/WTO in Peru. We profile their careers, their contribution to the legal profession and indeed, their personal commitment to their respective commercial legal practice. We also highlight the work of their respective law firms in bolstering trade relations, both within and outside Peru.

Julio Guadalupe

At the helm of the legal department in Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados is the outstanding partner, Julio Guadalupe. His engagement with notable multinationals in advising on tariff classification procedures, custom regulations and administrative claims sets him apart. A key figure in Peru’s academic field, his counterparts and clients attest to his expertise and pleasant work relationship.

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José Antonio de la Puente León

Highly recommended partner José Antonio de la Puente León of Comercia Consulting brings robust expertise to the table with his focus on anti-dumping mandates. Known for his outstanding professionalism, knowledge in trade and competition issues and his unwavering commitment, clients stand to gain from his excellent international trade service.

Eduardo Garcia-Godos

Having earned a place in the sector rankings, Eduardo Garcia-Godos of García-Godos & Lindley-Russo Abogados is recognized for his competence and experience in sanitary regulation mandates. He brings a unique blend of government and private sector experience, exceptional people skills and expert proficiency to handle challenges in this practice.

Miguel Angel Campos

Miguel Angel Campos, an associate-to-watch at Hernández & Cía., offers immense expertise in customer valuations and free trade tariff mandates. His strong commercial awareness and client service is widely recognized and commended, making him a trusted professional in this field.

Gonzalo Bernal Neumann

The dynamic partner at Estudio Echecopar – Member Firm of Baker McKenzie International, Gonzalo Bernal Neumann, offers quick strategies while catering to his client’s needs. This, coupled with his expertise and commendable professionalism, makes him a reliable asset in this field.

José Luis Sorogastúa Ruffner

With no firm website available for Thorne, Echeandia & Lema Abogados, partner José Luis Sorogastúa Ruffner is nevertheless respected for his extensive knowledge, professionalism and long-standing experience in handling customs laws. He continues to garner plaudits from clients for his excellent service.

César Alva Falcón

Partner César Alva Falcón of Muñiz, Olaya, Meléndez, Castro, Ono & Herrera Abogados offers consistently reliable assistance to clients with export audits and OEA certification procedures. Standing out for his professionalism and good nature, he draws commendations across the market.

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Diana Pomahuallca Sulca

Muñiz, Olaya, Meléndez, Castro, Ono & Herrera Abogados’ Senior Associate Diana Pomahuallca Sulca is highly recommended for her expertise in helping clients with OEA certifications. Her studious nature, commitment and good quality service are key traits acknowledged by market observers.

Charles Castle

Key partner Charles Castle of DS Casahierro Abogados is praised for his broad expertise in international trade and keen understanding of business operations. His accessibility, clarity, and objective approach in addressing issues further underscore his solid contribution to the field.

Juan José Assereto Bossio

Frequently sought for advice on fiscal audits, tax implications of major infrastructure projects and administrative tax litigation, partner Juan José Assereto Bossio of Zuzunaga Assereto & Zegarra Abogados
is also adept at handling indirect tax mandates. His noteworthy expertise continues to shape this practice in the country.

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