Top 10 Expert Danish Employment Lawyers Sparking Influence in 2023

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In the realm of labor law, Denmark holds a wealth of talent. Ensuring the legal rights of employers, employees, and unions, a handful of top-flight lawyers excel at handling a range of labor matters from discrimination cases to collective agreements and restructuring. Here are ten of Denmark’s best known legal minds in employment law.

These lawyers have achieved renown for their consistent legal acumen, innovative problem-solving, and exceptional client services. They work tirelessly to keep their clients compliant with evolving employment laws while protecting employee rights, handling disputes with grace and competence.

Having the right lawyer for your business can often mean the difference between smoothly navigated labor disputes or legal complications that could jeopardize your business. Read on to learn more about ten of Denmark’s highest-profile employment lawyers.

Jens Lund Mosbek

Jens Lund Mosbek is a prominent figure at Kromann Reumert, advising on both contentious and non-contentious labor topics. His legal acumen ranges from discrimination lawsuits at the Supreme Court to collective agreements and incentive schemes.

Søren Narv Pedersen

Søren Narv Pedersen brings his wealth of experience to Bird & Bird. Though his firm does not have a website, Pedersen is proficient in collective bargaining agreements and labor matters relating to mergers and acquisitions. His expertise extends to disputes over breach of restrictive covenants, additionally having experience in arbitration proceedings.

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Peter Breum

Peter Breum specializes in public sector employee investigations at Sirius Advokater, showcasing his mastery over a niche within employment law that indeed requires a nuanced understanding of labor relations.

Sandro Ratkovic

Sandro Ratkovic of Bech-Bruun handlesa wide range of labor law disputes, from cases related to trade secrets and redundancies to immigration concerns. He also has experience with the employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

Tina Brøgger Sørensen

Based at Plesner, Tina Brøgger Sørensen advises clients on both contentious and non-contentious labor topics, with a particular proficiency in transaction-related matters.

Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt

Bo Enevold Uhrenfeldt, now at Littler, often assists clients with collective agreements. His track record includes dealing with issues related to pensions payments, incentive programs, and discrimination cases.

Anders Etgen Reitz

Anders Etgen Reitz serves large corporates at IUNO, advising them on restructures and employee terminations. He also boasts expertise in collective agreements and whistleblower schemes.

Jørgen Vinding

Jørgen Vinding, working at Norrbom Vinding, commands respect for his extensive experience in the employment field. His expertise covers an array of employment mandates, including high-profile harassment claims.

Tina Reissmann

Tina Reissmann of Labora Legal offers assistance in a host of employment law matters. She deals with everything from establishing new businesses in Denmark to handling restructures and harmonization processes.

Marianne Granhøj

Marianne Granhøj, another star player at Kromann Reumert, has a vast practice covering all aspects of employment law. Her expertise ranges from collective bargaining agreements to incentive schemes, remuneration policies, and more. She also handles whistleblowing schemes and investigations along with litigation and arbitration proceedings.

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