Top 10 Tax Maestros Redefining Colombia’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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In the complex world of commercial law, the area of taxation especially stands at an interesting intersection. There are several intricacies in the tax law that can impact the operations of businesses both locally and internationally. Colombia offers a dynamic and challenging tax landscape where certain pioneering figures in legal space are making notable contributions. These individuals are guiding their clients through the labyrinth and complexities of domestic and international tax systems. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of these influential figures in the Colombian tax fraternity.

The tax lawyers highlighted in this article are setting precedents in the industry through their proficient understanding of tax laws and their application. They have demonstrated exceptional professionalism and ability to develop tax strategies and solutions for their clients. Besides, they are lauded for their extraordinary analytical skills, keen attention to detail and profound understanding of commercial aspects.

Additionally, these professionals are also recognized for their human approach to their work, manifesting in outstanding customer service and swift responsiveness to their client’s needs. This list, while not exhaustive, provides an insight into the outstanding capabilities of these tax lawyers in the Colombian market.

María Catalina Jaramillo Hernández

Working as a professional at Brigard Urrutia, María Catalina Jaramillo Hernández is commended for her proficiency in the field of Colombian tax law. Her meticulous approach towards her work, combined with her technical and commercial skills, is valued enormously by her clients. María’s dedication towards providing legal protection and quality service to her clients is unparalleled.

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Mauricio Alfredo Plazas Vega

Mauricio Alfredo Plazas Vega, the founder of his namesake firm, Mauricio A. Plazas Vega Abogados & CIA, is acknowledged for his expertise in Colombian tax matters. Both in the litigation and academic spheres, Mauricio is highly respected and admired. His dedication towards his clients proves his excellence in the field of tax law.

Jairo Higuita

Rising in the ranks is Jairo Higuita, an associate at JIMÉNEZ HIGUITA RODRÍGUEZ & Asociados. Jairo has become well-known for his advisory services on tax planning and tax structuring in Colombia. His excellent customer service coupled with his depth of knowledge in the field makes Jairo a strong contender in the Colombian tax industry.

Catalina Márquez

Catalina Márquez of DE GUZMAN MARQUEZ ABOGADOS is gaining a strong reputation for her expertise in Colombian tax law. Her deep understanding of tax matters and commitment to addressing her clients’ needs places her as an emerging tax expert in Colombia.

Juan Pablo Godoy Fajardo

As a partner and co-head of the department at GodoyHoyos, Juan Pablo Godoy Fajardo routinely assists his clients in figuring out the tax implications of their transactions and ensuring their regulatory compliance. Juan Pablo’s extensive knowledge and experience in tax law and his pragmatic approach make him one of the top tax lawyers in Colombia.

Monica Reyes Rodriguez

Monica Reyes Rodriguez of Reyes Abogados Asociados consistently ranks high in the tax law field. She is recognized for her vast experience in taxation and her advisory role to significant Colombian and international clients.

Andrés Hernández

Serving as a tax lawyer at Brigard Urrutia, Andrés Hernández demonstrates deep knowledge in both Colombian and international tax matters. Andrés is highly regarded for his effective communication skills, his rapid response to clients, and his ability to provide clear and practical advice.

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Juan Guillermo Ruiz

Juan Guillermo Ruiz of Posse Herrera Ruiz specializes in the tax structuring of complex corporate transactions, offering his clients an efficient and sound operational structure. His extensive experience and market awareness make Juan Guillermo a formidable force in the tax law industry in Colombia.

Catalina Hoyos Jiménez

Co-head of the department at GodoyHoyos, Catalina Hoyos Jiménez, is admired for her advisory services on regulatory compliance, transfer pricing, and contentious tax cases. Catalina’s knowledge, experience, and strategic service to clients are highly respected, earning her the title of being one of Colombia’s top tax lawyers.

Pedro Sarmiento

Pedro Sarmiento, a strategic partner at Crowe Co S.A.S., is recognized for his proficiency in transfer pricing and real estate tax matters. He serves as the exclusive tax and fiscal advisor for many clients, which speaks volumes about his expertise.

These tax lawyers exemplify the qualities of diligence, expertise, and commitment. Their diverse skills and experiences have collectively contributed to positioning them as the torchbearers of tax law in Colombia. Their continued contributions to the field are aiding businesses to navigate the complex tax law terrain in Colombia while contributing to the development of the legal tax domain.

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