Top 10 Environment Lawyers Shaping Mexico’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Environmental law has emerged as an important specialty in countries worldwide, playing a significant role in shaping policies and standards that protect our planet. In Mexico, several environmental lawyers stand out due to their immense contribution to this complex field. Their work spans advising on environmental regulatory and contentious matters, counseling clients from numerous sectors on their day-to-day environmental law issues, and handling complex environmental cases. Here, we highlight ten such eminent professionals whose work continues to shape Mexico’s environmental legal landscape.

Mauricio Llamas

Mauricio Llamas is a distinguished partner at Jones Day. He is highly regarded for his comprehensive knowledge of environmental law and regulations, with commendations for his advisory services. Mauricio’s remarkable problem-solving approach to regulatory and contentious matters in the environmental sector has earned him a reputation as a reliable partner for his clients.

Héctor Herrera

Héctor Herrera is recognized for his organized and meticulous approach in environmental law practice at Herrera y Sato, S.C. Although the firm does not have a dedicated website, Herrera is praised for his impeccable reputation and admirable professional conduct.

Paula Pérez Benítez

At Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes, S.C., Paula Pérez Benítez has made a name for herself as a flexible lawyer who adeptly navigates the rigors of environmental legislation. Her legal acumen and adaptability have garnered praise among peers and clients alike.

Gustavo Carvajal Machado

Gustavo Carvajal Machado, a prominent partner in Carvajal y Machado, S.C., bolsters his clients with years of valuable experience in Mexico’s environmental market. His effective leadership and unmatched expertise have been crucial in tackling complex environmental law matters, earning him accolades from clients and associates.

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Carlos De Icaza

Carlos De Icaza of Creel, García-Cuéllar, Aiza y Enríquez, S.C. is renowned for his professionalism, talent, and keen commercial vision. As the first point of contact for complex environmental cases, he continually impresses clients with his in-depth understanding of legislation and his aptitude to communicate effectively.

Roberto Torres Velasco

Roberto Torres Velasco, a seasoned practitioner at Garrigues, offers robust environmental advice to clients in Mexico. His deep analysis, business-oriented answers, and commercial awareness have earned him praise from clients who regard him as an excellent resource in environmental law.

Adrián del Paso

Adrián del Paso, the current department head at Ibarra, del Paso y Gallego, S.C., is renowned for his profound expertise in environmental matters, particularly concerning the mining, pharmaceutical, and hospitality industries in Mexico. His meticulous approach and discerning business vision have made him an invaluable asset to his clients.

Sergio B. Bustamante Acuña

Sergio Bustamante Acuña is a partner at Counselors International Abogados, gaining recognition for his comprehensive understanding of environmental regulations. He is commended for representing a large number of clients and providing well-rounded legal advice.

Ricardo Eloy Evangelista García

At Basham, Ringe y Correa S.C., Ricardo Eloy Evangelista García is acknowledged for his active role in the environmental field in Mexico. He is praised for his ability to provide practical solutions to his clients, demonstrating his deep understanding of environmental issues.

Carlos del Razo

Representing ECIJA, Carlos del Razo is a rising star in Mexico’s environmental law scene. He is known for his keen insight, practical advice, and strong skills, making him an outstanding talent and a lawyer to watch in the future. These environmental lawyers continue to make a significant contribution and influence on Mexican environmental law, helping shape a more sustainable future for the country.

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