Top 10 Mississippi Bankruptcy Lawyers Influencing State’s Restructuring Landscape

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In this article, we will introduce you to some of the top lawyers in the field who are well-known for their expertise and experience. Whether you are a creditor, debtor, or involved in any Chapter 11 proceedings, these lawyers can provide valuable legal counsel. Read on to learn more about each attorney and their background.

Jeffrey Barber – Jones Walker LLP

Jeffrey Barber is a go-to attorney for creditors’ rights issues in Mississippi. He is a highly skilled and intelligent attorney with extensive experience in bankruptcy practice. He is well-versed in Chapter 11 filings and out-of-court restructurings. If you are looking for a reliable attorney to handle your creditors’ rights matters, Jeffrey Barber is definitely someone you should consider. Visit his firm’s website to learn more about his practice.

Stephen W Rosenblatt – Butler Snow LLP

Stephen Rosenblatt is widely respected for his expert bankruptcy practice in Mississippi. He has remarkable experience in various bankruptcy proceedings, including Chapter 11 filings. In addition, he also provides valuable advice on distressed M&A and bankruptcy disputes. To know more about Stephen Rosenblatt and his exceptional legal services, visit his firm’s website.

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Christopher R Maddux – Butler Snow LLP

Christopher Maddux is a highly experienced bankruptcy lawyer specializing in complex mandates. He is particularly knowledgeable in debtor-side Chapter 9 and Chapter 11 filings. Christopher Maddux can provide expert guidance and representation for your bankruptcy needs. To find out more about his expertise and credentials, visit Butler Snow LLP’s website.

J. Walter Newman IV – Newman & Newman

Walter Newman is a recognized bankruptcy attorney in Mississippi, known for his expertise in representing debtors in various bankruptcy proceedings. He also has experience on the creditor-side of mandates. Walter Newman’s unique skill set, derived from his criminal defense background, makes him an exceptional advocate in bankruptcy cases. Although his firm does not have a website, you can reach out to Newman & Newman directly to learn more about his practice.

Jim F. Spencer, Jr. – Watkins & Eager PLLC

Jim Spencer brings considerable litigation strength to his bankruptcy practice. He has extensive experience representing creditors and trustees in Chapter 11 proceedings. Jim Spencer is highly regarded as both an excellent lawyer and an exceptional individual. To learn more about his practice, visit Watkins & Eager PLLC’s website.

Craig M Geno – The Law Offices of Craig M. Geno, PLLC

Craig Geno is known as one of Mississippi’s premier bankruptcy lawyers, handling significant matters such as Chapter 11 filings. His outstanding expertise in the bankruptcy field sets him apart. Although his firm does not have a website, you can contact The Law Offices of Craig M. Geno, PLLC to learn more about his exceptional legal services.

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James W O’Mara – Phelps Dunbar LLP

James O’Mara is a longstanding bankruptcy practitioner with substantial experience in the largest-scale proceedings in Mississippi. He is adept in handling a range of restructuring and creditors’ rights matters. To know more about James O’Mara and his practice, you can reach out to Phelps Dunbar LLP directly.

Derek Henderson – Derek A Henderson Attorney

Derek Henderson specializes in serving as a trustee in various bankruptcy proceedings. This role frequently sees him appointed to a wide range of mandates. To learn more about Derek Henderson and his legal services, get in touch with Derek A Henderson Attorney.

Andrew Phillips – Mitchell, McNutt & Sams PA

Andrew Phillips leads the creditors’ rights practice at Mitchell, McNutt & Sams PA. He is highly regarded for his counsel to both creditors and debtors in Chapter 11 proceedings. If you require expert advice in this area, Andrew Phillips is an excellent lawyer to consider. Visit the firm’s website or contact Mitchell, McNutt & Sams PA for more information about Andrew Phillips.

Douglas C. Noble – McCraney Montagnet Quin & Noble PLLC

Douglas Noble is a prominent bankruptcy lawyer in Mississippi. Clients seek him out for his expertise in working with creditors’ committees and debtors. He is well-versed in contentious mandates and out-of-court restructurings. For more information about Douglas Noble and his practice, visit MMQ&N Law’s website.

We hope this article has provided you with valuable insight into some of the most prominent Bankruptcy/Restructuring lawyers in Mississippi. Whether you need assistance with Chapter 11 filings, out-of-court restructurings, or any other bankruptcy matters, these lawyers are highly experienced and can provide the legal counsel you need. Each attorney brings their own unique expertise and skill set to the table, so consider reaching out to them to discuss your specific requirements. Remember, it’s crucial to consult with a qualified lawyer to ensure your rights are protected during any bankruptcy or restructuring process.

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