Top 10 Canadian Private Wealth Disputes Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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The Canadian legal scene abounds with many respected figures noted for their expertise in handling private wealth disputes. Serving both individuals and corporations, these lawyers leave an indelible mark on their profession by rising to the unique and often complex challenges encountered within this field of litigation. Here we take a closer look at some of these dynamic legal practitioners.

Melanie Yach – Aird & Berlis LLP

Melanie Yach, associated with Aird & Berlis LLP, is a distinguished litigator specializing in contentious private wealth disputes. Her expert understanding of tax laws and drafting solidify her reputation as a formidable legal asset within complex estate and trust litigations. Colleagues recognize her deep knowledge of the corporate world, which lends a refreshing perspective to estate and trust cases.

Kimberly Whaley – Whaley Estate Litigation

Cited as “a superb advocate,” Kimberly Whaley stands at the forefront of capacity and guardianship matters in Canada. Her articulate handling of complex matters and her ability to simplify them for her clients are greatly appreciated. Known for leading her team with unrivaled finesse, colleagues have endorsed her as “nothing short of exceptional.”

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Clare Burns – WeirFoulds LLP

WeirFoulds LLP’s Clare Burns is heralded as an extraordinary litigator and bears the distinction of being one of the leading attorneys for contentious private wealth matters in Canada. Burns handles intricate fiduciary litigation matters with an expert hand, often involving sensitive issues regarding minors and estate litigation. Her stellar professional prowess is backed by her reputation as a fierce, knowledgeable, and effective litigator.

Angela Casey – Casey & Moss LLP

Angela Casey is recognized for her talents in handling estate-related disputes and cases involving diminished mental capacity. Observers commonly regard her intelligence, client-friendly approach, and pragmatic style as defining qualities. One industry insider’s endorsement asserts, “She is smart and knows this field like the back of her hand.”

Jennifer Lamb – Carscallen LLP

Jennifer Lamb, associated with Carscallen LLP, is a seasoned representative for high net worth individuals in a variety of contentious scenarios. Her recognition as a top-notch litigator comes with endorsements regarding her advocacy skills, client-friendly disposition, and thoughtful approach to cases.

Jacob Kaufman – Donovan Kochman LLP

Jacob Kaufman’s credentials include managing will challenges, guardianship applications, and power of attorney disputes. He is commended by colleagues for his thoughtful demeanor, thorough organisation, and extensive knowledge of estate litigation.

Shael Eisen – Eisen Law, Shael Eisen Professional Corporation

Shael Eisen of Eisen Law specializes in guardianship matters, drawing praises for his dedication to his clients and his relentless approach to securing their best interests. One source fondly refers to him as, “one of the few lawyers in this industry who cares more about his clients than profits.”

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Suzana Popovic-Montag – Hull & Hull LLP

Suzana Popovic-Montag enjoys a strong reputation in the areas of trust and estate litigation. She is also noted for her skill as a mediator in high net worth cases, with her adeptness and prowess in negotiation being frequently highlighted.

David Lobl – Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

David Lobl, associated with Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP is considered “one of Canada’s top estate litigators,” commended for his impressive technical knowledge and expertise in handling complex disputes.

Karon Bales – Bales Beall LLP

Karon Bales, the founding partner of Bales Beall LLP, navigates the terrain of family law and estate litigation with impressive mastery. “She has a real edge because of her dual knowledge in family law and estate law,” opines a peer. Her fierce demeanour and readiness to rise to litigation challenges set her apart.

The dedication, knowledge, and skill exhibited by these lawyers are a testament to the high standards that define the Canadian legal profession within the realm of private wealth disputes. Their ability to innovatively tackle daunting legal challenges while maintaining a commitment to their clients remains a source of inspiration for upcoming legal minds.

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