Prominent Construction Lawyers in Scotland – Driving Legal Excellence in the Industry

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In the dynamic and complex field of construction law, legal expertise plays a crucial role in navigating the intricacies of the industry. Scotland, known for its rich architectural heritage and thriving construction sector, boasts a cadre of prominent construction lawyers who drive legal excellence in the field. These legal professionals possess a deep understanding of the industry’s unique challenges and are well-versed in the intricacies of construction contracts, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, and more.

Manus Quigg – Advocating for Clients in Construction Disputes

Manus Quigg, a respected practitioner at Brodies LLP, excels in representing clients in construction disputes. With a particular focus on defect claims involving infrastructure and development projects, he is known for his strategic approach and commitment to achieving favorable outcomes.

Neil Kelly – Protecting Client Interests in Construction Litigation

Neil Kelly, a prominent lawyer at MacRoberts LLP, specializes in construction defect litigation and contract claims. He provides invaluable advice on all aspects of construction law affecting architectural practices, ensuring his clients receive diligent representation and tailored solutions.

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Caroline Maciver – Navigating Complex Construction Contentious Matters

Caroline Maciver, an esteemed lawyer at Burness Paull, brings extensive experience in advising clients on complex contentious construction matters. Her expertise covers defects, engineering issues, and large-scale public work projects, offering strategic guidance to help clients navigate challenging legal situations.

David Arnott – Expertise in Handling Construction Litigation

David Arnott, a seasoned lawyer at Brodies LLP, has extensive expertise in handling construction litigation, including contract and defects disputes. He specializes in areas such as cladding and the energy sector, providing clients with robust representation and effective solutions.

Julia Maguire – Non-Contentious Construction Practice in the Energy Sector

Julia Maguire, a recognized lawyer at Pinsent Masons, is known for her non-contentious construction practice, particularly in the energy sector. Her expertise encompasses advising clients on contractual matters, project development, and regulatory compliance, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Sarah Stuart – Comprehensive Representation in Construction Contracts and Damages Claims

Sarah Stuart, a trusted lawyer at Ledingham Chalmers LLP, has a broad practice covering construction contracts, damages claims, funding agreements for development projects, and acquisitions. With a focus on representing developers, she provides comprehensive representation and strategic guidance.

Euan McLeod – Trusted Advisor on Construction Contracts and Procurement

Euan McLeod, a well-regarded practitioner at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, is sought after for his advice on construction contracts, procurement, and construction aspects of redevelopment projects. His clients include developers and public institutions, and he offers valuable expertise and strategic counsel.

Iain Drummond – Representation in Construction Disputes and Asbestos Claims

Iain Drummond, a dedicated lawyer at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, specializes in representing clients in construction disputes, particularly asbestos claims and building defects, including fire protection works. His clients range from universities to contractors, and he is known for his diligent approach and effective representation.

Jonathan Seddon – Focus on Non-Contentious Construction Matters

Jonathan Seddon, a knowledgeable lawyer at Morton Fraser, focuses his practice on non-contentious construction matters, advising developers on construction contracts and commercial agreements. With his expertise, he provides valuable support and guidance in ensuring smooth project execution.

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Gavin Paton – Support in Diverse Construction Projects

Gavin Paton, a trusted lawyer at Burness Paull, provides legal support in a wide range of construction projects, including housing, student accommodations, and infrastructure developments. He also offers his expertise to clients active in the healthcare sector, ensuring their legal needs are met.

Louise Shiels – Strong Advocate in Construction Litigation

Louise Shiels, a highly regarded lawyer at Brodies LLP, is known for her experience representing clients in construction litigation. Her work includes claims for defects and delays, and she brings her skills as a strong advocate to ensure clients’ interests are protected.

Michael Allan – Non-Contentious Construction Expertise in Large-Scale Projects

Michael Allan, a skilled lawyer at Pinsent Masons, specializes in non-contentious construction matters related to large-scale projects. He offers comprehensive advice on project procurement, risk management, and contract negotiation, ensuring smooth project delivery and compliance with industry regulations.

Claire Henderson – Resolving Construction Disputes Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Claire Henderson, an accomplished lawyer at MacRoberts LLP, focuses on resolving construction disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. With her strong negotiation skills and in-depth knowledge of construction law, she helps clients achieve timely and cost-effective resolutions.

Alan Morrison – Construction Law Expertise for Contractors and Subcontractors

Alan Morrison, a seasoned lawyer at Burness Paull, specializes in providing legal support and guidance to contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. He assists with contract drafting and negotiation, risk management, and dispute resolution, ensuring his clients’ interests are protected throughout the project lifecycle.

Jennifer Scott – Advisory Services for Construction Professionals and Consultants

Jennifer Scott, a respected lawyer at Ledingham Chalmers LLP, offers advisory services to construction professionals and consultants. Her expertise includes professional negligence claims, regulatory compliance, and contract advice, ensuring her clients operate in line with legal requirements and best practices.

Craig Davidson – Strategic Counsel on Construction Contracts and Project Delivery

Craig Davidson, a trusted lawyer at Morton Fraser, provides strategic counsel on construction contracts and project delivery. He advises clients on contract formation, risk allocation, and dispute avoidance, helping them navigate complex legal issues and achieve successful project outcomes.

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Susan Miller – Supporting Clients in Construction Disputes and Risk Management

Susan Miller, an experienced lawyer at MacRoberts LLP, focuses on supporting clients in construction disputes and risk management. She advises on matters such as payment disputes, professional negligence claims, and contract breaches, offering pragmatic solutions and effective representation.

Graeme Thomson – Construction Law Expertise in Renewable Energy Projects

Graeme Thomson, a knowledgeable lawyer at Pinsent Masons, specializes in construction law as it pertains to renewable energy projects. He assists clients with project development, regulatory compliance, and contract negotiation, ensuring the successful implementation of sustainable energy initiatives.


Each of these prominent construction lawyers in Scotland brings a unique set of skills and experience to the table, catering to the diverse needs of clients in the construction industry. Whether it’s advocating for clients in construction disputes, providing non-contentious advice on contracts and project delivery, or offering support in risk management and regulatory compliance, these legal professionals play a crucial role in driving legal excellence and ensuring successful outcomes in Scotland’s construction sector.

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