The Influencers: Spotlight on the Titans of Crisis PR & Communications in USA – Nationwide

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In the high-stakes world of business, having the right crisis PR & communications experts on your side can make or break your company’s reputation. These professionals play a crucial role in managing critical situations, defusing potentially damaging events, and crafting the messages that influence public perception. This feature sheds light on the most influential crisis PR & Communications lawyers operating across the United States, exploring their unique skills, areas of expertise, and the impacts they have made in their industry.

The Navigators: Guiding Companies through Turbulent Waters

Ellen Davis: The Sharp, Practical Advisor

At the helm of August Strategic Communications, Senior Managing Director Ellen Davis masters the art of crisis and litigation management. Her deep understanding of legal issues, stakeholder communications, and media relations make her a valuable asset in handling government and regulatory investigations.

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Paul Caminiti & Brandy Bergman: The Reevemark Powerhouses

Reevemark boasts two crisis PR maestros – founding partners Paul Caminiti and Brandy Bergman. Both are recognized for their engagement with clients, ability to navigate crises and litigation, and expertise in corporate positioning.

Molly Levinson: The Influential Leader

Founder and CEO of The Levinson Group, Molly Levinson has made her mark as a strategic advisor, communications counselor, and crisis manager. Her leadership and insights are recognized as key strengths in managing reputational and brand issues.

The Articulate Advocates: Turning Crisis into Opportunities

Joshua P. Galper & Adam Goldberg: The Dynamic Duo at Trident DMG

Co-founders of Trident DMG, Joshua Galper and Adam Goldberg, are renowned for their strategic thinking and client-centric approach to crisis management, litigation, and public policy issues.

Risa Heller: The Prominent Navigator

Risa Heller, of Risa Heller Communications, is a force to be reckoned with. Her political background, expertise in public affairs, and knack for crisis management have helped many clients navigate high-level national media challenges.

Myron Marlin: The Legal Strategist

At FTI Consulting, Myron Marlin leverages over 25 years of experience in strategic communications and crisis management. As the head of the Americas crisis & litigation practice, Marlin is known for his ability to simplify complex legal issues and articulate them to the media.

The Communicative Counselors: Ensuring Your Message is Heard

Dave Poston & Megan Paquin: The Poston Communications Trailblazers

Dave Poston and Megan Paquin, at Poston Communications, are praised for their exceptional counsel, strategic thinking, and comprehensive approach to crisis management and litigation communications.

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Paul Holmes & Jeff McAndrews: The Crisis Defusers at FGS Global

Paul Holmes and Jeff McAndrews at FGS Global are praised for their excellent judgment, strategic insights, and knack for handling high-stakes challenges in civil and criminal litigation, compliance, enforcement, and governance.

Jamie Diaferia: The Strategic Visionary

At Infinite Global, Jamie Diaferia has established himself as a highly strategic leader, advising top professional services firms on media, litigation, and crisis communications strategies.

Ellen Moskowitz: The Savvy Advocate

Ellen Moskowitz, co-leader of Brunswick’s global litigation communications and crisis practice, is a strong advocate for her clients, handling some of the largest civil, criminal and regulatory cases of the last decade.

Meredith Griffanti: The Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Expert

Meredith Griffanti, at FTI Consulting, stands out as an expert in cybersecurity and data privacy communications, offering a strategic outlook and proactive advice on preparedness, incident response, and reputational management matters.

These skilled individuals not only contribute significantly to their clients’ success but also drive the evolution of crisis PR & communications. Their accomplishments and influence are shaping the future of this ever-changing field, highlighting the pivotal role they play in the modern business landscape.

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