Top 10 Antitrust Legal Mavericks Making Waves in Illinois for 2023

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Antitrust laws are the laws applied by government regulatory bodies to prohibit unethical business practices such as monopoly, cartel and predatory pricing. The goal of these laws is to provide equality of opportunity in the marketplace and to protect consumers from unethical business practices. Illinois hosts a multitude of highly skilled and experienced antitrust lawyers who dedicate their careers to uphold these principles. For this reason, the spotlight falls on some of the most noteworthy antitrust lawyers within the state to appreciate their distinguished services.

Among the numerous antitrust lawyers in Illinois, only a select few consistently stand out because of their significant achievements, breadth of knowledge, and influential work. They are defendors of a fair market, ensuring that businesses compete in a just manner, and consumers are protected from monopolistic behavior that negatively impacts the economy. Here, let’s focus on their individual achievements and what sets them apart in their field.

These lawyers have a diversified portfolio ranging from handling high profile corporate transactions, managing price-fixing and monopolization cases, handling civil and criminal antitrust litigation, complying with counseling across various industries like healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing and automotive. They are leading figures in the field and their contributions to antitrust law have made a significant mark in shaping Illinois’ competitive environment.

Michael L McCluggage

Currently a member of Eimer Stahl LLP, Michael L. McCluggage has a wide-ranging client base including those from the pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing and automotive sectors. He is notably proficient in handling price-fixing, monopolization and conspiracy allegations.

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Jack R. Bierig

Jack R. Bierig is highly appreciated for his work in dealing with antitrust clearance for large corporate transactions. He is especially recognized for his representation of healthcare clients. He currently works at ArentFox Schiff LLP.

Michael Mayer

Michael Mayer primarily focuses on criminal defense as well as counseling and litigating anti-trust matters. He is presently practicing his exceptional skills at Winston & Strawn LLP.

Sarah Zielinski

Known for her profound aptitude in handling complex anti-trust suits, Sarah Zielinski of McGuireWoods LLP covers a wide array of issues, and is particularly passionate about multidistrict class actions and investigations, while also offering generalized anti-trust counsel.

Michael Martinez

A prominent antitrust litigator, Michael Martinez from K&L Gates has made a distinct reputation for himself and is recognized for his thoughtful, strategic and creative litigation approach.

Christa Cottrell

As an emerging partner at Kirkland & Ellis with knowledge across a wide range of antitrust matters, Christa Cottrell is recognized for her outstanding client relations and proficiency in witness preparation.

Steven M. Kowal

Boasting significant experience in managing civil and criminal antitrust litigation, investigations, enforcement actions and cartel matters, Steven M. Kowal from K&L Gates continues to excel in the antitrust field.

Barack Echols

Barack Echols, a remarkable commercial litigator at Eimer Stahl LLP, displays notable expertise in the antitrust space handling a variety of contentious matters including merger litigation and class action cases.

Eugene Zelek

Eugene Zelek is an authority in offering antitrust compliance counseling to an assortment of corporate clients. Despite having no explicit firm website, his credentials shine through his work ethic and approachability on cross-border matters.

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Stephen Wu

Renowned for his agency-facing practice, Stephen Wu from McDermott Will & Emery LLP regularly represents healthcare clients in investigations and enforcement proceedings. He also offers antitrust compliance counseling, standing out with his intellectual abilities and knowledge of the healthcare marketplace.

This esteemed lineup of antitrust lawyers reflects the state’s strong commitment to maintaining fair and open market practices. May their dedication, expertise, and passion inspire future legal professionals to uphold the principles and spirit of antitrust law in Illinois.

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