The Guardians of Pension Assets: Exploring the Leading Pensions Lawyers in Scotland

The unsung heroes behind successful pension schemes: A deep dive into the work and accomplishments of Scotland's top pensions lawyers.

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It’s undeniable that the role of a pension lawyer is intricate and vital. Ensuring that pension schemes are set up correctly, comply with ever-evolving regulations, and work in the best interests of the employees they’re designed to support, is a complex task. In Scotland, a small but formidable group of lawyers has risen to prominence in this niche field. This article will showcase some of the most prominent pensions lawyers in Scotland, highlighting their expertise and the remarkable contributions they’ve made to the industry.

Kirsty Headden: The Equaliser

Kirsty Headden, a key player at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, has earned a reputation for her adept handling of scheme amendment and equalisation matters. Her versatility and ability to cater to a wide range of trustees and institutions make her a significant figure in the industry.

Alistair Hill: Corporate Pensions Expert

Over at CMS, Alistair Hill is often called upon for his deep expertise in the pensions aspects of corporate transactions and scheme funding. His ability to straddle corporate and pensions law is a great asset to clients.

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Margaret Meehan: Restructuring Pro

Margaret Meehan of Burness Paull is known for her exceptional work in pension restructurings, transfers, and wind-ups. Her ability to provide effective liability advice and handle GMP equalisation has set her apart.

Jae Fassam: Mergers and Funding Specialist

Also at CMS, Jae Fassam stands out for his work in pension funding and investment matters. His work on scheme mergers, reorganisations, and corporate transaction support is widely respected.

June Crombie: The Setup and Security Specialist

June Crombie at DWF is noted for her work in scheme set-ups and security matters. Her knack for addressing pension aspects of mergers is much sought after.

Edwin Mustard: Mergers and Benefits Guru

Edwin Mustard, another asset at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, is a well-rounded pensions lawyer who handles everything from scheme mergers to changes in benefit provisions.

Ian Gordon: The Negotiator

Ian Gordon, an experienced hand at Pinsent Masons LLP, is renowned for his skills in managing complex pension issues, including funding agreement negotiations and scheme transfers.

Juliet Bayne: Mergers and Transfers Expert

Over at Brodies LLP, Juliet Bayne is noted for her expertise in buy-ins, mergers, scheme establishments, and employee transfers.

Sarah Phillips: Multijurisdictional Marvel

Sarah Phillips from Burness Paull has a broad-ranging practice, dealing with everything from scheme closures to liability issues and multinational corporate transactions.

Liam Young: The De-Risker

Liam Young, also at Burness Paull, is recommended for his work on pensions and benefits schemes in corporate transactions, de-risking strategies and insolvency restructurings.

Andrew Holehouse: The Risk Manager

At Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, Andrew Holehouse assists trustees on buy-ins, buyouts, risk management, and scheme restructuring.

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Colin Greig: Trust and Investment Aide

Colin Greig at DWF is a go-to for trustees and employers needing help with pension aspects of transactions and investment matters.

Amie Bain: The Dispute Resolver

Amie Bain at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP assists both public and private sector clients with scheme investments, discrimination disputes and tax advice.

Louisa Knox: The Restructurer

Louisa Knox, also at Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP, provides comprehensive advice on scheme restructuring and risk reduction measures.

Jennifer Crawford: Takeover Specialist

Jennifer Crawford from Brodies LLP offers advice on buy-ins, scheme mergers, wind-ups, and the pension aspects of takeovers.

Cameron McCulloch: Rising Star

Cameron McCulloch at Pinsent Masons has quickly made a name for himself acting on buy-in and buyout transactions and M&A-related pension advice.

Ruth Tobias: Transfer Whiz

Ruth Tobias, another key player at Pinsent Masons LLP, frequently advises on scheme transfers, apportionment arrangements, and PPF issues.

Martyn Shaw: Defined Schemes Specialist

Martyn Shaw at MacRoberts LLP provides expert advice on defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, with a focus on scheme funding matters and GMP equalisation.

These remarkable professionals are the backbone of Scotland’s pensions industry, offering invaluable support to trustees, employers, and employees alike. Their collective commitment to the intricate and vital field of pensions law ensures the industry’s ongoing resilience and relevance.

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