Shaking Up the Marketing World: Yorkshire Agency’s Major Move

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Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Senior Appointment: XSEM, a leading brand engagement agency, boosts its team with the addition of Nick Burrows as head of experiential.
  • Enhancing Brand Experiences: With his extensive background, Burrows aims to revolutionize the way XSEM’s clients, like Molson Coors and Suntory, engage with their audience.
  • Expanding Horizons: Celebrating its 20th anniversary, XSEM looks towards further growth and employee well-being, backed by recent prestigious awards.

A New Era of Brand Engagement

Yorkshire, November 2023 – In a strategic move that signals a new chapter in the realm of brand engagement, XSEM, a Yorkshire-founded agency, has welcomed Nick Burrows as its new head of experiential. This appointment comes as the agency celebrates its 20th anniversary and follows a series of successful client engagements.

Nick Burrows: A Visionary in Brand Experience

Proven Track Record: Burrows, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience at London’s TRO, brings a wealth of knowledge in strategy, project management, and client relations. His previous collaborations with giants like Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Google, and Nike underscore his expertise in bringing brands to life.

Strategic Focus: Burrows emphasizes the importance of understanding the ‘why’ behind brands’ experiential efforts, ensuring a deeper and more effective engagement with audiences. “I’m more obsessed with why brands are trying to create experiences first, rather than the how and what,” he says. This philosophy is expected to propel XSEM’s experiential offerings to new heights.

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Revolutionizing Experiential Marketing at XSEM

Cultural Fit and Future Plans: Burrows’ alignment with XSEM’s culture of creativity and commercial drive is pivotal to his role. He envisions leveraging the agency’s solid foundation to create meaningful work for both existing clients and future partners.

Expanding Brand Partnerships: One notable collaboration under XSEM’s belt is with Pravha beer, where the team crafted the ‘Unexpect the Expected’ concept. This tiered approach to brand activation across large UK venues showcases XSEM’s capability to influence consumer behavior and create lasting impressions.

XSEM: Two Decades of Excellence and Forward Vision

A Journey of Growth: Co-founded in 2003 by Dan Bardgett & Michael Gwilliam, XSEM has evolved from a small venture into a top 30 UK agency, offering full-service solutions in brand engagement.

Celebrating Success and Looking Ahead: The agency’s recent move to larger premises in central Leeds signifies its growth trajectory. With plans to focus on employee growth and wellbeing in 2024, XSEM is not just celebrating its past achievements but also laying the groundwork for future success.

Recognition in the Industry: The agency’s ethos and performance have been recognized with accolades like ‘Marketing Agency of the Year’ at the 2023 Conference News Awards and ‘Best Place to Work’ at the 2023 C&IT Awards.

XSEM’s Commitment to Employee Well-being and Client Success

A Focus on People: As it steps into its next phase, XSEM remains committed to fostering a positive work environment for its team, which is integral to delivering exceptional service to its clients.

A Promise of Innovation and Excellence: With the addition of Nick Burrows, XSEM is poised to offer more innovative and effective experiential marketing solutions, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

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