Real Estate Rises: The Spectacular Growth Journey of a Market Leader

Setting New Benchmarks in Real Estate: Ambitious Targets for 2024 Unveiled

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  • Impressive Growth Projections: Aim for a 14% increase in turnover, reaching EUR 349.9 million, and a 15% rise in gross profit to EUR 123.5 million in 2024.
  • Residential Sales Boom: Forecast a 25% surge in residential sales revenue, with a net income boost of 68%.
  • Strategic Financial Moves: Plans for potential equity and debt transactions to support growth, with a proposed share capital increase and bond issuance.

A Glimpse into Future Prosperity

One United Properties, a leading developer in the green real estate sector in Romania, has laid out its financial and strategic roadmap for 2024, eyeing significant growth in turnover, profit, and operational activity. The company’s ambitious targets reflect a broader positive outlook for the Bucharest real estate market and Romania’s economy.

Financial Horizons Expanded

Record-Breaking Ambitions

With a proposed turnover of EUR 349.9 million and an operating profit of EUR 137.5 million for 2024, One United Properties is not just aiming for growth; it’s setting new industry standards. These targets represent substantial increases from the previous year’s results, highlighting the company’s aggressive growth strategy and confidence in the market.

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Profit and Margin Growth

The company forecasts a gross profit of EUR 123.5 million, up 15% year-over-year, and a net profit of EUR 105 million, indicating a robust financial health and a net margin expectation of 30%. The impressive profitability metrics underline the company’s efficient operations and strong market position.

Sector-Specific Performance

Residential Sector as a Growth Engine

One United Properties anticipates residential property sales to touch EUR 285 million in 2024, marking a 25% increase from 2023. This growth is driven by solid sales performance and the nearing completion of current development projects. The net margin on residential sales is expected to improve significantly, demonstrating the company’s successful business model and market strategy.

Rental Revenue and Portfolio Adjustments

The company also forecasts a 36% increase in rental revenue, reaching EUR 35.3 million. This growth, albeit more moderate due to strategic asset sales, aligns with the firm’s focus on large-scale mixed-use developments and reflects its adaptive market strategies.

Strategic Financial Planning

Capital Enhancement Initiatives

One United Properties is exploring options for equity and debt transactions to fuel its development drive. A notable proposal includes removing preferential rights for a share capital increase of up to 20%, facilitating potential Accelerated Bookbuilding transactions to raise new capital.

Debt Financing Strategy

The company is considering issuing bonds worth up to EUR 300 million in the next three years, aiming to optimize financing costs and refinance existing debt under more favorable terms, depending on market conditions.

Operational Excellence and Market Outperformance

A Testament to Strategic Mastery

One United Properties boasts a low leverage ratio and a growing development portfolio, reflecting its operational efficiency and robust financial structure. Since its IPO, the company has outperformed the broader European real estate market, showcasing its resilience and strategic foresight.

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Market Sentiment and Investment Prospects

With improving investor sentiment and Romania’s potential market reclassification, One United Properties is well-positioned to capitalize on these developments, highlighting its readiness to raise new capital under favorable conditions.

A Year of Achievements and Growth

2023: A Record-Setting Year

In 2023, the company achieved a 30% increase in consolidated turnover, with significant growth in residential sales and rental income. These results underscore the company’s strong market presence and operational success.

Financial Stability and Shareholder Value

One United Properties maintains a solid balance sheet with a stable gross loan-to-value ratio, demonstrating financial stability. The company also continues to reward shareholders, proposing a significant dividend distribution, reflecting its commitment to shareholder value.

Looking Ahead: Sustaining Momentum and Capitalizing on Opportunities

One United Properties’ strategic roadmap for 2024 and beyond is not just about financial growth but also about reinforcing its commitment to sustainable and innovative real estate development. With clear financial targets, strategic investment plans, and a focus on market leadership, the company is poised to continue its trajectory of success, setting new benchmarks in the real estate sector.

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