“See What Your Customers Really Think!” How Video and Photo Insights Are Changing the Game in Market Research

Unlocking the True Potential of Consumer Feedback Through AI-Enhanced Visual Data

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Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Data Collection: Streetbees’ SBX platform now incorporates photo and video capture, allowing businesses to collect consumer insights visually and at scale.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Visual data provides a deeper layer of consumer behavior and sentiment analysis, delivering insights beyond traditional text-based surveys.
  • Rapid Results: Organizations can now obtain actionable insights from consumer-submitted photos and videos within 48 hours, accelerating the pace of market research.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of market research, businesses continuously seek more dynamic and authentic ways to understand consumer behavior and preferences. The recent integration of photo and video capture capabilities into Streetbees’ AI-powered market research platform, SBX, marks a significant advancement in how companies can gather and interpret consumer insights.

The Power of Visual Insights

Capturing Authentic Moments

The new photo and video functionality within the SBX platform transforms traditional market research methods by enabling real-time, authentic consumer interaction capture. This feature allows companies to see how their products are used in everyday settings, offering a raw and unfiltered view of consumer habits and preferences.

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Beyond the Surface

Visual data collection goes deeper than mere textual responses; it reveals the context behind consumer choices, such as environmental or situational factors, which are often lost in standard surveys. For instance, an unboxing video can capture the excitement or disappointment of a customer, offering clues about product expectations versus reality.

Advancements in Technology

AI at the Helm

The integration of AI technologies for analyzing photo and video content is a cornerstone of the SBX platform. Streetbees employs advanced machine learning algorithms to classify, transcribe, and translate visual data, turning vast arrays of unstructured data into structured, actionable insights.

Quick and Efficient Processing

One of the most significant advantages of SBX’s new capabilities is the speed at which insights are delivered. Companies can receive analyzed results in as little as 48 hours, making it possible to react quickly to market demands and consumer feedback.

Business Applications

Product Development and Brand Positioning

The insights derived from photo and video data are particularly valuable for product development and brand positioning strategies. Visual feedback can highlight issues or features that may not be verbally articulated by users, guiding product improvements and innovations.

Enhancing Retail and Marketing Strategies

Photos and videos collected through SBX can significantly impact retail and marketing strategies. They provide authentic content that can be used in mood boards, presentations, and pitches to retailers, helping businesses better align their offerings with consumer expectations.

Case Study: Finding the UK’s Perfect Cup of Tea

Detailed Consumer Preferences

Ahead of National Tea Day, Streetbees conducted a survey using the SBX platform to discover preferences for the perfect cup of tea among UK consumers. This study revealed not only the preferred brands and types of tea but also the specific ways in which people enjoy their tea, such as milk and sugar ratios and brewing times.

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Visual Insights in Action

The photo and video submissions provided a rich tapestry of the tea-making process, showing the varying shades of tea preferred across different demographics and geographic areas. These visual insights allowed Streetbees to capture nuances that traditional surveys might overlook, such as the aesthetic appeal of different tea colors and the contexts in which tea is consumed.

The Future of Market Research

A Paradigm Shift

The integration of photo and video capture into market research tools like SBX represents a paradigm shift in the industry. This method not only enriches the data collected but also enhances the engagement of participants, who can express their opinions and preferences more vividly and naturally.

Preparing for a Visual Data-Driven Era

As more organizations recognize the value of visual insights, the adoption of platforms like SBX is likely to increase. This trend underscores the need for businesses to adapt to a more visual form of data collection and analysis, ensuring they remain competitive and responsive to consumer needs.


The enhancement of Streetbees’ SBX platform with photo and video capabilities is setting new standards in market research. By harnessing the power of visual data, companies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their consumers, leading to better-informed business decisions and more successful product and marketing strategies. This shift towards a more interactive and insightful data collection methodology not only benefits businesses but also enriches the overall market research field, promising a future where data is not just heard but seen and felt.

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