The World Is Their Office – Top Destinations for UK Remote Workers

New Study Ranks Global Cities on Livability, Safety, Costs and More

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Key Takeaways:

  • Lima, Peru tops index of best cities for British digital nomads
  • Affordable rent and cost of living key factors in South American cities
  • Northern Ireland’s Belfast lone UK locale to crack top 20 work-from-anywhere list

Global Corporations Letting Talent Roam Freely

Remote work unlocked new potential for professionals untethered from physical offices during the pandemic. Now a new study reveals the best destinations around the world for British digital nomads looking to roam.

With many employers extending indefinite work-from-anywhere policies post-COVID, interest in exotic locales suited for remote work life has soared.

Searches for “digital nomad visa” jumped 130% in the UK over the past year as workers seek destinations balancing affordability, amenities and adventure.

The research analyzed nearly 300 cities globally based on livability factors like cost, safety, infrastructure and legal eligibility to determine the top spots for Brits with wanderlust.

Affordable Options in South America Top the Rankings

Claiming the #1 position on the digital nomad index was Lima, Peru with its low living costs and agreeable climate yet vibrant urban energy.

Several other South American cities like Recife and Cali, Colombia cracked the top 10 thanks to cheap rents and utilities combined with adequate infrastructure.

Most allow British citizens to stay up to 90 days without a visa, providing flexibility. Being in the Southern Hemisphere also means escaping the UK winter for endless summer.

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While safety scores were middling, savvy precautions make these otherwise ideal settings for remote work possible on a budget.

Asia and New Zealand Offer Distant Alternatives

Venturing farther abroad, Asian hubs like Kuala Lumpur and Pattaya, Thailand ranked favorably as remote worker magnets.

English proficiency is higher in Malaysia, although cultural adaptation takes greater effort. Thailand provides a more relaxed, tropical environment at low cost.

Outside cities, New Zealand’s stunning natural scenery was a draw for those looking to blend outdoor adventure with work. Christchurch made the top 20.

However, the flight distance poses a downside. Expert digital nomads recommend sticking closer to home for shorter trips under 90 days.

Northern Ireland’s Belfast Scores for UK-Based Nomads

Making the list as the only UK city was Belfast, which took the #3 spot overall.

While not cheap, its relative affordability compared to London or Edinburgh combined with modern amenities and easy access for UK passport holders are advantages.

Ireland’s famously friendly, English-speaking culture also appeals, although Belfast’s political history bumped its safety score down.

Still, for Brits desiring a change of scenery without leaving the UK, Belfast outshined other domestic cities as a prospective work-from-anywhere destination.

Blending Work and Wanderlust Now a Legitimate Lifestyle

While still nascent, the digital nomad lifestyle choice seems poised for growth as pioneering remote workers blaze trails to enviable cities.

With employers on board to retain talent without requiring office presence, technology enables professionals to lead productive careers from anywhere.

Savvy workers recognize globetrotting via laptops frees them to discover the planet beyond crowded capital cities and tourist traps.

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Rather than a pipe dream, remote work makes living out of a suitcase or backpack a viable path for the adventurous. The world is now their office.


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