Scotland’s Top Personal Injury Lawyers: Advocates for the Claimants

An exploration of Scotland's leading legal professionals specialising in personal injury, primarily advocating for claimants.

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Navigating the complexities of personal injury law requires seasoned legal professionals who have mastered the intricate facets of the field. In Scotland, a league of exceptional lawyers has emerged, dedicating their practice to advocating for claimants who have experienced personal injury in various circumstances. From Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs) and workplace accidents to cases involving severe brain injuries and fatal accidents, these lawyers tirelessly fight for the rights of their clients, offering them skilled representation.

In this article, we delve into the profiles of some of Scotland’s top personal injury lawyers, who are leading the way with their specialised knowledge and commitment to justice. Ranging from legal luminaries at prestigious firms like Harper Macleod, Thorntons Law, Lindsays, and Balfour+Manson, to other renowned advocates across the nation, we explore their areas of expertise and their contributions to the field of personal injury law.

Heather Calderwood – Harper Macleod LLP

Having a rich history in handling catastrophic injury and fatal claims following RTAs and workplace accidents, Heather Calderwood brings her legal acumen to Harper Macleod. Calderwood’s skills extend to advising on employers’ liability and occupational disease matters. Learn more about her practice here.

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Clare Macpherson – Thorntons Law LLP

An expert in employers’ liability and occupational disease claims, Clare Macpherson has carved a niche for herself at Thorntons Law. Her broad expertise includes advising on brain injury cases resulting from RTAs and noise-induced hearing loss. Explore her professional journey here.

David Armstrong – Lindsays

Renowned for handling high-value and complex personal injury claims, David Armstrong’s expertise covers RTAs, accidents abroad, and workplace accidents. Discover more about Armstrong and his firm Lindsays here.

David S McIntosh – Balfour+Manson LLP

Specializing in high-value cases, David McIntosh is an authority on brain and psychological injuries resulting from road traffic accidents and workplace mishaps. To know more about his extensive work, click here.

Lauren Pasi – Lindsays

Lauren Pasi is acclaimed for her exceptional skill in high-value personal injury cases, such as RTAs, accidents at work, fatal accident, and public liability claims. Her significant work can be explored here.

Julie Clark-Spence – Balfour+Manson LLP

With a focus on severe injury and fatal claims related to offshore, farming and fishing accidents, Julie Clark-Spence is a notable name at Balfour+Manson. She also advises on RTA claims. Her professional profile can be viewed here.

Alan Macdonald – Jackson Boyd LLP

Alan Macdonald heads Jackson Boyd’s litigation department, demonstrating particular activity in serious injury and fatal claims arising from RTAs. Discover more about him here.

David Short – Balfour+Manson LLP

Showcasing unique expertise in aviation-related claims, David Short is also skilled in employers’ liability and fatal accidents. He has significant experience with workplace injury claims. More about him can be found here.

Chris Stewart – Digby Brown LLP

Leading the serious injury department at Digby Brown, Chris Stewart focuses on spinal and brain injuries, particularly those arising from RTAs. Dive into his practice here.

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Dave Berry – Jackson Boyd LLP

Heading Jackson Boyd’s employers’ liability, public liability and clinical negligence departments, Dave Berry has extensive experience in claims related to assault in the workplace and serious injuries from RTAs. More about his practice can be found here.

Lisa Gregory – Grant Smith Law

Acclaimed for her prowess in high-value personal injury cases, Lisa Gregory has built a commendable practice at Grant Smith Law. Her expertise covers accidents in the oil and gas, farming and fishing industries.

Gordon McBean – Thorntons Law LLP

As the head of Thorntons Law’s personal injury practice, Gordon McBean frequently handles claims relating to workplace accidents and brain injuries. Discover more about him here.

Jonathan Cornwell – Lindsays

With a focus on catastrophic and psychological injury claims, Jonathan Cornwell has built a reputable career at Lindsays. His extensive work includes cases resulting from RTAs and workplace environments. Find out more here.

Iain Nicol – Thorntons Law LLP

Iain Nicol has a strong reputation for handling high-value catastrophic injury and fatal accident claims, particularly those arising from RTAs and workplace accidents. Learn more about his work here.

Gordon Dalyell – Digby Brown LLP

Renowned for his wide-ranging personal injury practice, Gordon Dalyell’s expertise includes RTAs, accidents at work and fatal accident claims. Find out more about his work here.

Laura Blane – Thompsons Solicitors Scotland

Noted for her expertise in asbestos-related disease claims, Laura Blane also offers advice on policy and legislative changes. Learn more about her practice here.

Stuart Cochran – Slater and Gordon Lawyers

Stuart Cochran, the head of Slater and Gordon Lawyers’ Edinburgh office, handles complex personal injury matters, including workplace accidents, RTAs and abuse cases. More about his work can be explored here.

Robert Kernaghan – Digby Brown LLP

Robert Kernaghan has significant strength in handling serious and fatal injury claims arising from workplace accidents and RTAs. He also has experience in cases involving historic abuse claims. Learn more about him here.

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Caroline Kelly – Thorntons Law LLP

Caroline Kelly specialises in workplace accident claims involving severe brain injury and also advises on RTA claims. Find out more about her here.

David Bell – Irwin Mitchell

Handling complex personal injury matters, David Bell’s practice includes workplace accidents, RTAs and fatal injury claims. Learn more about his practice here.

Michelle Adam – Thorntons Law LLP

As a solicitor advocate, Michelle Adam frequently represents clients in cases arising from workplace accidents and RTAs. Find out more about her here.

Neil Davidson – Digby Brown LLP

Neil Davidson is highly regarded for his Aberdeen-based practice, advising clients on offshore and marine workplace accidents including fatal and serious injury claims. Learn more about his work here.

In this complex legal landscape, these personal injury lawyers of Scotland are steadfastly advocating for the claimants, offering them the guidance and representation they need in their pursuit of justice.

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