Top 10 Most Influential Insurance Lawyers in Massachusetts: An Analysis

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Insurance law is an interesting and complex field, attracting top talents known for their expertise in managing extensive coverage claims, litigating business losses, and handling insurance policy disputes. Massachusetts, in particular, is home to numerous accomplished lawyers in this field, helping both companies and policyholders navigate the intricate details of insurance law. They aren’t just skilled in their field but are renowned for their strategic approach and commitment to the clients they serve.

The expertise of these seasoned insurance lawyers is invaluable, in providing sound advice, reliable representation, and effective solutions. With a knack for understanding complex matters in a swift and efficient manner, their unique qualities and years of experience have earned them a solid reputation in the legal profession. We aim to shed light on their contributions and provide a glimpse into their backgrounds and significant work in this article.

As we delve further into the bios of these prominent insurance lawyers, you will find a common thread of excellence and dedication to their craft. Their impeccable skills and diverse experiences make them pillars of insurance law in Massachusetts, showcasing the strength of this vital sector in the business world.

E. Joseph O’Neil

E. Joseph O’Neil of Peabody & Arnold LLP specializes in managing complex directors’ and officers’ liability claims, including class actions, proving his impressive mastery of insurance law. O’Neil has built a solid reputation, cementing his place as a distinguished lawyer in the industry.

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Kevin O’Connor

Adept in handling construction, environmental, reinsurance, and other coverage disputes, Kevin O’Connor from Clyde & Co LLP is an insurance lawyer at the top of his game. His wealth of knowledge and experience makes him an ideal lawyer for both corporations and policyholders.

Jeffrey W Moss

At the helm of the insurance practice in Boston for Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Jeffrey Moss is lauded for his effective representation of policyholders in insurance recovery claims. Clients appreciate his comprehensive approach, astute understanding of the law, and his ability to offer practical solutions.

Robert Kole

Robert Kole consults with insurance companies at Choate Hall & Stewart LLP on a variety of complex issues. Known for his class action defenses, product liability claims, and reinsurance dispute management, Robert has cemented his status as a top-tier attorney in this field.

Matthew Burke

Matthew Burke from Robinson & Cole LLP is recognised for his abilities to provide concise and accurate advice. He’s distinguished himself in handling Directors and Officers (D&O) and business interruption claims, demonstrating his solid understanding of insurance law complexities.

Kim Marrkand

Kim Marrkand, co-chair of the insurance offering at Mintz, has made substantial contributions to the industry, particularly in managing major insurance claims related to large-scale pharma and sexual abuse cases. Kim’s understanding and aggressive representation have earned her substantial respect in her field.

Michael F Aylward

With over four decades of experience in insurance law, Michael Aylward of Morrison Mahoney LLP is a veteran in the field. Michael’s work includes litigating for insurers and reinsurers in complex coverage and bad faith claims, showcasing his strong command of insurance law.

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Ariane Bacynski

A rising star in the field, Ariane Bacynski from Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP demonstrates sound judgment and expertise in policy negotiation and transactional due diligence, distinguishing her as a competent and reliable resource in the industry.

Robert Gilbert

Robert Gilbert of Latham & Watkins LLP has made a name for himself with his stellar representation of sports industry clients and other high-profile policyholders in coverage claims. Colleagues and clients alike respect his practical approach and extensive knowledge about insurance matters.

Steven Schreckinger

Offering more than 40 years of experience, Steven Schreckinger of Anderson & Kreiger LLP excels in representing corporate policyholders and insurance carriers in high-stakes disputes. Steven’s aptitude for handling complex insurance questions and his ability to provide foresight are among his most valued skills.

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