Revolutionizing Artisan Commerce: New Marketplace Emerges as Game-Changer in Spain

Bigcrafters Joins Forces with Mangopay to Transform Artisanal Business Landscape

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Key Takeaways:

  • Bigcrafters, powered by Estrella Galicia, partners with Mangopay for enhanced payment solutions.
  • The new Spanish B2C food and beverage marketplace aims to elevate artisanal products’ accessibility.
  • Mangopay’s modular payment infrastructure promises a seamless experience for consumers and businesses.


In a significant move that promises to reshape the artisanal food and beverage industry in Spain, Bigcrafters, an emerging digital delivery platform, has teamed up with Mangopay, a leader in modular payment solutions. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for small craft businesses, offering them a unique online platform to showcase their products.

A Match Made in Commerce Heaven

The Rise of Bigcrafters

Bigcrafters, an initiative powered by Estrella Galicia, is not just another marketplace; it’s a community-driven platform dedicated to the artisanal craft movement. The platform’s inception is rooted in the philosophy of supporting small businesses and promoting sustainability.

Mangopay’s Expertise

Enter Mangopay, with its state-of-the-art, flexible payment infrastructure. Recognized for its adaptability and user-centric approach, Mangopay is not new to accolades. Its track record includes being named “Best Platform and Marketplace Provider” at the Merchant Payments Ecosystem (MPE) Awards and one of the most promising cross-border payment companies by FXC Intelligence.

The Collaboration

Enhancing Consumer Experience

The partnership between Bigcrafters and Mangopay is envisioned to simplify the buying process for consumers. By integrating Mangopay’s sophisticated payment systems, Bigcrafters is set to offer a hassle-free and secure shopping experience.

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Empowering Local Crafters

For local artisans, this collaboration is a boon. It streamlines the onboarding process, making it easier for them to join the platform and start selling. The flexible payment system ensures quick and easy transactions, a critical factor for small businesses.

Impact on the Artisanal Market

A Boon for Small Businesses

Ignacio Rivera, president of Hijos de Rivera Corporation, expressed pride in the growth of Bigcrafters. He highlighted the platform’s role in building a commerce system that positively impacts small and large artisans alike, fostering a strong community connection.

Mangopay’s Role

Nicolas Fournie, Head of Sales for Mangopay in Spain, echoed similar sentiments. He emphasized Mangopay’s commitment to simplifying payments for marketplaces, tailoring solutions to fit specific needs like those of Bigcrafters.

Future Prospects

Expanding Horizons

The future looks promising for this collaboration. With plans to extend their reach, Bigcrafters and Mangopay are set to revolutionize how artisanal products are accessed and enjoyed in Spain.

A New Era for Artisans

This partnership signals a new era for artisan businesses, one where technology and tradition converge to create a sustainable, community-focused marketplace.


In conclusion, the Bigcrafters-Mangopay partnership is more than a business collaboration; it’s a visionary step towards empowering local crafters and reshaping the artisanal market in Spain.

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