Revolutionizing Charity Through Education: A Million Pound Milestone in Upskilling the UK’s Non-Profit Sector

How a Corporate Giant's Levy Gifting Transformed Charitable Organizations' Workforce Skills

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Capita achieves a £1 million milestone in apprenticeship levy gifting, profoundly impacting UK charities’ workforce skills.
  2. Over 500 learners from 200+ charities, including NSPCC and NHS Charities Together, have benefited, gaining advanced skills in data analysis and leadership.
  3. Strategic collaboration with Corndel ensures effective fund utilization and marks a paradigm shift in charitable sector skill development.

Building a Skilled Charitable Workforce

In a significant boost to the UK’s non-profit sector, Capita recently hit a remarkable £1 million milestone in gifting its corporate apprenticeship levy. This initiative, spanning three years, has empowered over 500 individuals from more than 200 charities to enhance their expertise in crucial areas such as data analytics, fundraising, and leadership.

A Partnership for Progress

Through its partnership with Corndel, a strategic workplace training partner, Capita has been meticulously steering these funds to ensure maximum impact. This collaboration has brought about a substantial change in how charities approach skill development and workforce training.

The Transformational Impact on Charities

One of the notable beneficiaries of this initiative is the NSPCC. Several of their members have enrolled in leadership programmes, including the prestigious Level 7 Executive Development Programme at Imperial College London. Francine Kennedy, NSPCC’s Apprenticeship Programme Manager, highlighted the profound impact of this support, particularly in navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic and the cost of living crisis.

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Testimonials and Success Stories

Claire Bolton, Group Emerging Talent and Professional Development Manager at Capita, underlines the significance of this initiative. “Our apprenticeship levy gifting is not just about resource allocation; it’s about making a tangible difference in the lives of people and enhancing the operational capabilities of charitable organizations,” she explains.

Adapting to Various Organizational Needs

The process of levy gifting is adaptable to the varying needs and involvement levels of different organizations. Some may prefer a direct approach, working closely with providers like Corndel to see their funds create specific impacts and operational efficiencies. Others may choose a more hands-off method, allowing providers to use the levy to align with strategic goals autonomously.

Closing Skills Gaps in the Charity Sector

James Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Corndel, asserts that Capita’s apprenticeship levy gifting has played a pivotal role in bridging significant skills gaps within the charity sector. The programs facilitated by this funding are crucial in developing high-performing teams, building data proficiency, and retaining talented fundraising professionals in these organizations.

The Future of Charitable Sector Skill Development

The apprenticeship levy gifting initiative by Capita, coupled with the strategic input from Corndel, is not just an isolated act of corporate benevolence. It represents a fundamental shift in how charitable organizations can address skill shortages, improve their workforce’s capabilities, and, ultimately, enhance their service delivery and operational effectiveness.


Capita’s pioneering approach in utilizing its apprenticeship levy to foster talent in the UK’s charity sector sets a benchmark for corporate social responsibility. By aligning their surplus resources to meet the urgent skill development needs of non-profit organizations, Capita, along with Corndel, has underscored the critical role of strategic partnerships in driving societal progress and empowerment.

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