Revolution in the Streaming World: The Great Algorithm Reset Promises Fair Play for Creators

Emerging Collaboration Between and TMC² Sets New Standards in Content Streaming and Creator Recognition

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Key Takeaways:

  • AI-Driven Discovery: Partnership between and TMC² aims to revolutionize content discovery using AI.
  • Fair Compensation for Creators: New revenue models on offer creators 80% share and faster payouts.
  • Ethical AI Integration: TMC²’s commitment to ethical AI and’s creator-first approach set to reshape streaming industry dynamics.


In a bold move to redefine the streaming landscape,, a new streaming platform, has joined forces with TMC², a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. This collaboration aims to launch ‘The Great Algorithm Reset,’ a new paradigm for content creators to be discovered and compensated fairly. A New Haven for Creators, backed by industry heavyweights like Simon Cowell, is a disruptive streaming platform that caters to a diverse range of creators. Its unique model offers a tipping revenue system, a pay-per-view paywall, and ticketing revenue, ensuring creators keep a substantial 80% of their income.

A Creator-First Revenue Model

Craig Gardner, Co-Founder and CPO of, emphasizes the platform’s commitment to creators, saying, “ already has a creator-first revenue share model, and we are now building a ‘talent-first’ algorithm and user experience to match it.” This model is a departure from traditional ad-based revenue systems, placing the power in the hands of content creators.

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TMC²: Pioneers in AI and Machine Learning

Time Machine Capital2 (TMC²) brings its renowned expertise in AI to the partnership. Known for its role in the AI technology behind US social media platform Triller, TMC² has a strong track record in applied AI and machine learning, holding over 70 patents in the AI space.

Ethical AI for Empowering Creators

Simon White, Managing Partner at TMC², highlights the venture studio’s focus on ethical AI, saying, “We are looking to assist start-ups with products which are ethical in terms of their development and the type of data they use, and which assist humans with their workflows, rather than replacing them.”

‘The Great Algorithm Reset’

This collaboration will see the development of an AI-driven recommendation engine and content discovery algorithms at The goal is to level the playing field for creators, enabling talent to be discovered algorithmically and delivering the best content to the right audience.

Transforming Content Discovery’s advanced recommendation engine, driven by TMC²’s AI technology, will model complex user interest profiles. This marks a shift from current streaming platforms’ algorithms, which tend to favor established creators or those with large follower counts.

Impact on the Creator Economy

The partnership is set to shape the next era of the creator economy. By integrating AI in creating an immersive and unparalleled viewing experience, and TMC² are pioneering a new approach to online streaming and content monetization.

Supporting Creators’ Growth and Earnings

The initiative aligns with’s mission to support creators in growing their following and earning fair compensation. The platform’s swift 24-hour payouts and significant revenue share underscore its commitment to empowering content creators.

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The partnership between and TMC² represents a significant leap forward in the streaming industry. By harnessing the power of AI for ethical and effective content discovery and monetization, they are setting new standards for how creators are discovered and paid. This collaboration not only promises a better experience for viewers but also a fairer and more sustainable model for creators worldwide.

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