Revealed: The Shocking Truth Behind Companies’ Failure to Harness GenAI Power

Unveiling the Hidden Challenges and Solutions in Data Foundation for GenAI Success

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Key Takeaways:

  • Syniti and HFS Research highlight the critical importance of data quality for successful GenAI adoption.
  • Despite the rapid growth of generative AI solutions like ChatGPT, many organizations struggle with data readiness, with one-third of executives reporting low data consumability.
  • Improper data management not only affects data quality but also leads to real-world consequences such as bias replication within AI models, highlighting the urgent need for a Data First approach.

Enterprises’ Lack of Strong Data Foundation Hinders Wide-Scale GenAI Adoption

In a groundbreaking study conducted by Syniti in collaboration with HFS Research, the critical role of data quality in unleashing the full potential of generative AI (GenAI) has been unveiled. Titled “Don’t let your GenAI project fail before it begins,” the report sheds light on the challenges organizations face in harnessing the transformative power of AI due to inadequate data foundation. As the world witnesses the rapid adoption of GenAI technologies, the findings underscore the urgent need for enterprises to prioritize data quality and reliability to drive successful business outcomes.

The Rising Tide of GenAI and Its Data Readiness Challenges

The proliferation of generative AI solutions, exemplified by the exponential growth of ChatGPT, has revolutionized the accessibility of AI technologies. With 100 million monthly active users within its first two months, ChatGPT stands as the fastest-growing consumer app, igniting a race among businesses to adopt GenAI for its myriad benefits. However, despite the enthusiasm surrounding GenAI, organizations are encountering a significant roadblock: the lack of data readiness. Recent research by HFS reveals a concerning reality – one-third of executives believe that less than half of their organization’s data is consumable, highlighting a glaring gap in data quality management.

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The Implications of Poor Data Foundation

Beyond the surface-level challenges of data quality, the implications of an improper data foundation extend far and wide. Biases inherent in the data fed into AI models, such as gender or racial bias, pose serious risks of replication at scale within organizations. This not only jeopardizes organizational reputation but also carries regulatory implications and investor concerns. Syniti advocates for a Data First approach, emphasizing the importance of robust data management practices to dismantle silos and deliver trusted, usable data essential for fueling GenAI models.

Naveen Gupta, global data leader at IKEA, reflects on the challenges faced by enterprises: “The biggest challenge we’re facing in IKEA is having data management practices in place. We need all of that to make sure GenAI is a success.” Phil Fersht, CEO & chief analyst at HFS Research, underscores the centrality of data quality: “Data quality is the cornerstone of any successful AI initiative, particularly in the realm of generative AI.”

Navigating the Path to GenAI Success

Kevin Campbell, CEO of Syniti, emphasizes the transformative potential of GenAI while cautioning against overlooking the criticality of data quality. He remarks, “Companies have a long way to go in terms of data quality and management, but a Data First approach will set organizations up for success.” The joint report by Syniti and HFS Research illuminates actionable guidelines for organizations to adopt a Data First approach, enabling them to realize the full potential of GenAI and drive meaningful business transformation.


As organizations embark on their GenAI journeys, the imperative of data quality cannot be overstated. The partnership between Syniti and HFS Research underscores a shared commitment to empowering enterprises with actionable insights and strategies to overcome data readiness challenges. By embracing a Data First approach, organizations can lay the foundation for successful GenAI adoption, unlocking new avenues for innovation, growth, and competitive advantage in the digital era.

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About Syniti: Syniti is a global leader in enterprise data management, offering intelligent software and vast data expertise to drive superior business outcomes. With over 15 years of experience, Syniti partners with Fortune 2000 companies to unlock valuable insights, reduce risk, and ignite growth through its silo-free enterprise data management platform. Visit for more information.

About HFS Research: HFS Research is a leading global research and analysis firm trusted by executive leadership for its accurate, visionary, and thought-provoking insights. With deep real-world experience and no-nonsense perspectives, HFS analysts empower clients to tackle challenges, make bold moves, and bring big ideas to life. Explore more at

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