Revolutionary Money Advice Brand Launches, Changing the Financial Game for Everyone

Octopus Money Empowers Individuals with Personalized Money Coaching and Financial Advice

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Key Takeaways:

  • Octopus Group introduces Octopus Money, a brand offering money coaching and advice to individuals across the UK, irrespective of income or investment capacity.
  • With a £50 million investment, Octopus Money aims to provide personalized, one-to-one help on financial matters, leveraging insights and successes from Octopus MoneyCoach and Octopus Wealth.
  • The brand, led by Ruth Handcock, will focus on partnering with UK employers to enhance financial well-being and offer budgeting support services.


Octopus Group, renowned for backing entrepreneurs and investors driving transformative change, has made a groundbreaking announcement. The company has launched Octopus Money, a brand dedicated to providing money coaching and advice to millions of individuals across the UK. Regardless of income or investment capability, Octopus Money aims to empower people with personalized financial guidance and help them make informed decisions.

Redefining Financial Advice with Octopus Money

Octopus Money marks the second mass consumer brand for Octopus Group, alongside the successful Octopus Energy. The brand will consolidate all money-related advice within the group, building upon the insights and accomplishments of Octopus MoneyCoach and Octopus Wealth. Octopus Group has committed £50 million to support the growth and development of this new business venture, further reinforcing its commitment to customer-centric disruption across various sectors.

Simon Rogerson, Founder and CEO of Octopus Group, emphasized the company’s guiding principle of challenging industries that fail to serve their customers effectively. Octopus Money aligns with this mission, offering a unique perspective on managing finances. Rogerson aptly compared managing money to eating broccoli, stating that while we know it’s necessary, we often prefer indulging in chocolate cake. Octopus Money aims to bridge the gap by delivering financial services that engage and excite individuals, rather than merely pushing conventional solutions.

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Introducing Ruth Handcock as the CEO of Octopus Money

To lead this innovative venture, Octopus Group has appointed Ruth Handcock as the CEO of Octopus Money. Handcock brings a wealth of experience, having been part of the founding team of Tandem Bank, one of the UK’s pioneering challenger banks. Her most recent role was as CEO of Octopus Investments, overseeing £12.8 billion in assets managed on behalf of retail and institutional investors. Handcock’s leadership will be instrumental in driving Octopus Money’s mission to help individuals turn their financial aspirations into reality.

Octopus Money aims to go beyond technology-driven solutions by providing every customer with a dedicated money coach or financial adviser. This personalized approach ensures that individuals receive tailored support, enabling them to implement their financial plans effectively. Furthermore, Octopus Money offers personalized investment and pensions advice at a transparent and straightforward pricing structure.

Empowering Individuals through Partnership with UK Employers

Octopus Money recognizes the critical role that employers play in improving financial well-being. The brand will primarily focus on partnering with people-centric workplaces to enhance the financial literacy and benefits utilization of employees. By collaborating with employers, Octopus Money aims to empower individuals to maximize their earnings and benefits, ensuring they make informed financial decisions.

Octopus Money’s dedication to helping individuals extends beyond long-term financial planning. The brand is launching the UK’s first one-to-one budgeting support service, available through workplaces. This tailored program will guide employees in saving money, establishing lasting financial habits, and creating personalized budgets.

According to recent research conducted by Octopus Money, a significant percentage of employees feel that their employers do not prioritize their personal finances. The study revealed that 66% of employees believe their employers do not care about their financial well-being, and only 27% report positive outcomes from money conversations at work. Octopus Money aims to change this by fostering meaningful money discussions and supporting employees in optimizing their financial situations.

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Looking Ahead: The Human-Centric Approach

Octopus Money firmly believes that when it comes to finances, people desire human interaction, not just technology. The brand aims to fulfill this need by offering personalized and human-led financial advice, distinguishing itself from the tech-driven approach prevalent in the industry. By focusing on the human aspect, Octopus Money intends to help individuals align their dreams and aspirations with their financial well-being.

In the coming year, Octopus Money plans to explore additional services that provide customers with deeper emotional and financial support during significant life events. The brand aims to ensure that individuals have a trusted resource to turn to when sudden changes impact their financial situations. Octopus Money aims to eliminate the isolation and confusion that often accompanies financial challenges, providing individuals with the guidance and support they need.


Octopus Money’s launch marks a significant milestone in the financial services industry. With its commitment to personalized money coaching and advice, Octopus Money aims to revolutionize the way individuals manage their finances. By partnering with employers and prioritizing human-centric interactions, Octopus Money seeks to empower individuals to make informed financial decisions and achieve their goals. As the brand continues to grow, it is set to reshape the landscape of financial advice, ensuring that everyone has access to the tools and resources necessary for financial well-being.

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